July 22, 2013

Show me orange

One more for the show me yours! In this area of California, you see so many pumps like this one. The grand majority are in an industrial area, but some ended up having the city growing around them. Some look like sculptures in movement, some have flowers around them making them look more sophisticated and others, like this one, are all lonely, still outside the city, working hard by the sand, birds and and the occasional barking dog.
We were just driving by and I told DH to stop to take a picture because the sun setting looked awesome! It was a very hot evening, still at 110F


 The video is a bit wobbly, then corrected in youtube so it looks a bit fussy, sorry about that.

I am sharing this post to Mandarin Orange as well :oD


  1. Lovely piece of art!Hugs from Brazil!

  2. such gorgeous colors in the sky-wow!

  3. Just beautiful Martha. Thanks.

  4. It is almost like a living creature - especially when you watch it moving in the video. Both interesting and beautiful! Thank you for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  5. Great photo and great video, nice hearing the birds sing! I love the background! The pump does look like a sculpture! Cool Martha!!!

  6. Wow - this takes me back! There used to be oil fields near where I grew up when I was a kid (Whittier/La Habra area), but they've all been covered over with houses now (like the orange groves that used to be there).

  7. Beautiful colors... love those pumps!


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