July 14, 2013


FITW II -Face in the World II.... (and III and IV... V, VII? I lost count of how many! ) We are doing it again!

*What is it?
A painting of a face by different people.
Lets say we have teams of 4 people (maybe 3 depends on how many people participates) So we all make one starting painting (as in: sketch, or texture, or just  a squiggle... anything to just "start" the piece, then we mail it to the person in our team (I will have a list after we all register and make teams) So you mail one, you get one in the mail... work on that and mail it to your person in the group, get another, work on it, mail it... and soon your original will come back to you all done, and you worked in 4 or 5 paintings.

*Tip: We will not cover all the past layers that others worked on, unless of course it is a layer to be covered, like blank texture.
*It is better if you start your piece by a small detail, like a line, a blob of paint or just texture, so others have something to work on.

*What size are we doing?
We do 4x6, (10.1 x 15.2 cms) or 5x7 (12.7 x 17.8 cms) to make it easier to ship international. Use either watercolor paper, Bristol, old postcards, cardboard.... anything flat and strong enough that fits in an envelope without braking.

*Is it only the US?
People can chose a "US only", or "Near by" for international participants. I will try to accommodate as close a country as we have participants. 

*Who should skip this?
People that are due to have a surgery, or a long trip scheduled, or house renovations, or final tests that will require disconnecting for 3 weeks, should *not* participate. Why? Because we need to send timely  all the mail, so we all complete the circle in about 1 month o 6 weeks. Just to play nice.

*Can I join more than one group?
 Only people that played last time can join 2 groups if wanted.

It is awesome! Let me know if you still have more questions.
Images will be shared in each blog and in FB for those in either site.


  1. Cool, can I do crows?
    (I didn't see the movie yet! Thanks for telling me about the ending ;o))

    1. Yes! The way you make them are perfect, like babies :oD

  2. Ok Martha, I think I understand ;o) Please include me ;o) You know my e-mail ;o)

  3. Can't wait to see the art created!

  4. You always come up with such fun and interesting ideas!

  5. I definitely want to participate. Let me know what Ineed to do next.

  6. Wow is that is me up there!

  7. Love the idea - would love to join!

  8. Great idea - would love to join!

  9. How do we sign up ? I would like to join!

  10. Count me in for sure Martha!

  11. Sounds like fun - count me in as well- yaaay!


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