July 5, 2013

Photos and editing

This photos are part of the "Show me yours" month, but also, a little tip on editing digitally an image. We have all kinds of desertic ground cover plants, also known as ice-plants. I personally think it is false advetisment, since there's no ice involved lol

As you can see, the first picture shows a ground covering plant. In person looks awesome, but in my captured photo, looks kind of blah, because the light was not right.

So, I played a bit with my editor, it has a "brush selector" and darkened just the area of the cute little purple flowers that were almost invisible in the first sample:

It is just a simple thing, but that's the tip. We don't need too add much to an image some times :o)

Thanks to all the awesome places you are posting people!! I love them all! ♥
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Have a good weekend!


  1. You are one amazing woman....I need to make ART but Ken is cleaning as we go so I feel obligated ...well to carry on! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Love this picture! Something so simple and so pretty! Thanks for the tip Martha ;o)

  3. Beautiful flowers... lol no ice involved!


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