October 3, 2011

30th of 30 days of Art....

Well, what do you know...? We are in the 30th day of 30! I didn't do much painting today, but I managed to do a bit of collage, a bit of editing in a video, and took a picture for the blog. Which by the way, I worked also on my blog remodeling and new buttons, coming up sometime after Oct 10th.
For the past few days I have been playing with all kinds stuff to incorporate to a mixed media painting. This project could end up being a tutorial video. But time -and editing- will tell :o)

For now, here's a photo of a work in progress. DH says I should stop right there... I want to keep going a bit more. We'll see at the end how it looks!

Work in progress Mixed Media Acrylic paint

Thanks for visiting! These 30 days to get your art on were awesome for the creativity point of view; it was a great wave of energy for me,  but it was also a bit stressing with all the computer drama and other stuff, and feeling that I had to come and post, even if it was 10 pm like right now! So... you won't see me tomorrow! But I will be back with more to share! ♥

Oh wow... I have 389 blog friends! That's too close to 400. Sounds to me like it's time for another Giveaway!


  1. Creative and powerful. Oooh 400 friends, your awesome! :)

  2. Awesome mixed media piece! Congrats on sticking with your 30 day postings--it is not easy!

  3. Congrats on your 30 day blast of creativity!
    You deserve a break today :D

  4. Wow Martha, I'm just back from holidays & catching up on the awesome work you have done over the month, enjoy your day off LOL, sounds like you need a sleep in ;)

  5. I think you should stop too. I really like what it looks like ;o) Another giveaway!! Can, I put my name in ;o))

  6. Loving the look of this so far! The mix of colors are amazing~
    Looking forward to seeing it finished. ^-^

    Also, congrats on all your followers!

    // -T.W-

  7. Very interesting piece. A bit spooky too, but unique. I can imagine many intriguing stories about this person, something mysterious with that 5 hovering nearby. Congratulations on your 30 days!


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