October 26, 2011

I'll admit it . . .

Well, by now it is obvious that I have not ben running to paint. My capricious diva-ish muse went to take a brake, after the marathon of the last challenge.
Art is like that. Some days you are flooded with ideas, some other times you are not even in the same room as the paints and brushes. I actually have several ideas simmering in my mind, but for whatever reason I have not sat to paint them. Is that still creators block? Maybe not. Maybe is some kind of artistic procrastination? Or maybe just not enough of an itch to paint. I can't really pin point what it is.

My husband was gone a week (in which I did not sleep) then he took some days off (in which I hardly connected online, or did anything artsy) and although I absolutely love to have him around (It's the best thing in the world to me, not even second to chocolate) that pretty much took off the edge or balance of my very fickle muse. (Well, I did sculpt a polymer baby, and was shipped for a baby-tour).
Then there's the other thing, some funky problems within my extended family that are splashing a bit too close home, I won't bore you, but it can be draining...

I guess I could talk about it all day, and dissect the feelings for weeks. But that would not resolve a thing, so instead, I will grab my paint, brushes and camera. See what I come up with. I always tell my kids "it doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be done on time"

One hour later: I just finished the polymer baby visiting me, took pictures and will post about it in the other blog.
Ta ta for now and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hope you get your arty mo jo back soon and start itching to be in your paint room! Missing your hubby I can understand this so much. We hate to be apart.
    Isn't it strange how Resolve changed around a little is reloves!
    :) Julie

  2. I say, just enjoy your break, sounds like you need some me time. I think the kitty in the photo has the right idea! (I have 2 kitties just like that one) Hang in there and take care!

  3. It will come back. Love the cat photo! Too funny!

  4. I think we all go through this. Inspiration comes and goes. Being able to work even when the inspiration leaves us is the trick. I hope your family stuff gets resolved and doesn't affect you too much. XXOO

  5. It is good to take a break every now & then, clear the slate & let the brain reload!

  6. Rest and contemplation is good...no it is essential for the creative spirit to flourish...enjoy your rest. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Hey Martha, no worries about the break. Life happens and it's important to deal with it! And, to give your mind a rest! Love the kitty ;o)


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