October 1, 2011

Feel like spammer... and my 28th day of 30

One of my plans is being more active in my videos again, and invite people to be part of it, if they are interested. I very rarely send bulk emails. And I just sent one. It was to a list of friends, not strangers but I still nevertheless, feel uncomfortable now :oP
I suppose I can put together a newsletter and have people decide if they want to sign up. Maybe that will remedy the spammy guilty feeling :o) One more thing for my "to do" list I guess.

The art part of this post consists of a series of sketches I made based on mermaids. I absolutely love mermaids, and in fact, they were one of my favorite things that I drew since I was a little girl.

I started these a while ago, but never got to the ink part of it, because I hesitated in the new character with one eye smaller than the other. I wanted to create something different than what I usually do, and at the moment I liked it, but then I thought.... maybe not so much. It would be, if anything, just a small series as opposed an ongoing theme or character, that I think is better, in the sense that you get to be known for "it", whatever "it" might be.
Which is another of my constant goals: to have some common thread in the style, or some main theme that will be recognizable, and not something so variable, random and hotchpotch that not even myself would know who made it lol :oD

That's the problem when you like doing too many things and too many styles I guess.
Have a good day!


  1. I guess that is what "branding" yourself is all about--becoming recognizable. I like to do so many things, I just can't seem to get myself to stick with just one "it"!

  2. Me too, I still feel I've a long way to go, so cannot stick to close to a common look as such. I'm not done yet.
    To others and to me your art looks like it already as a common theme. Which I feel this way about your art, I should know that other may think that of my art.
    Maybe as artists we are our own worst critics?
    Keep being yourself as your art is so wonderful, brings so much joy by looking at your eyes and smile. The movement and fun your placing in also! :) Julie

  3. I feel better that I am not alone... but where will that take us?? hehehehe
    Thanks for your comments, Debbie and Julie!

  4. Well, for me, you know I paint my crows. So, I guess I have branded myself??? ;o) But, I do like doing different things with my crows ;o)

  5. Well... branding, specifically, has more to do with the name, the loco, the general image that you present in the "market", say like a soda pop, they have their loco, always the same, even if they have different flavors. Or a burger place, with their very well known logo, even if their serve bunch of different foods along the burgers.
    I worked in my branding by using one icon in all the online sites I am in, but it is the "product" I am trying to direct in one more consistent road.

    But yes, it helps when people concentrate in one element, one medium, one style. :o)

  6. like you, I like to try different things at times. don't ever stop doing that.. that's how we grow and find things out about ourselves


  7. Kat I feel exactly the same way. Maybe I just don't have to publish those things....? Maybe that's the key. Because I certainly love learning and doing new stuff all the time!


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