July 18, 2012

20 years aniversary

Today we celebrated 20 years together, time has gone so fast! Like 20 minutes (upside down in a kayak at the white waters) LOL
Really, it has gone fast, maybe I have been having fun? ;o)
The part I don't like is that we planned to get married in Summer, thinking that there would be always a chance to go somewhere over a weekend, and it turned out that his job got changed, morphed and so complicated that now it is the busiest time of year and we can't do much till fall. Oh well... As long as we are together, and healthy it is OK.

We went to have dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, we took our youngest kid along, and she took the most horrible pictures of DH and I, so i deleted them! :oO Leave it to the kids to do that to their moms! :oP
At the end, we ordered a Tiramisu ... yum!
I made a heart at the restaurant, but it is in the cell still, so I will post it tomorrow. For now, here is this picture, chocolate resins heart:

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  1. Happy anniversary Martha...wishing you many more :D XXX

  2. Congratulations!
    20 years, that´s quiet a number.
    All the best to you

  3. Happy Anniversary...and my son did that to me this year, just when his father agreed to photos and my hair was gorgeous, but the angle of the photos...ugh, all deleted!

    1. I think husbands and children have the "gift" of taking horrible pictures of moms :oP Unless they work as photographers? ;oD One of my uncles loves taking pics when the person is distracted, yawning or otherwise looking silly. ugh!


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