July 16, 2012

Yesterday news and a mess

My husband works in the food industry. The busiest time of year unfortunately is during summer, working 7 days a week till October. ugh! So we hardly get to do much except steal a few hours here and there. Yesterday was one of those times. We went to eat out, then the bookstore, then family time. I guess that was my kind of "heart" for yesterday, even if it was not posted here (ó ._, ò)

I also smacked my hurt thumb on the washer, I saw stars, but that's beside the point. hehe :oP
Now, for the art part: The heart I made on Friday has suffered many transformations. And I really mean "suffered", poor thing. I wanted to use my watercolor pencils. So that's how it was made, and ink from a Micron pen. I wanted a blue background, and I used acrylics, so i wouldn't have to deal with running colors and stuff.... well, it was too plain. So I went to grab my spankin' new ink spray Dylusions, in a great bubblegum pink. The idea was to splash tiny drops of pink on the blue area. I covered the heart , prepped the area and squished the bottle with gusto. I saw in slow-mo how big blotches came flying and plopping down.

To my dismay, it looked like the Peptobismol guy barfed all over the table, paper and my left hand. I got the water and a large brush to remove the color from the paper, and had to work it, the paint really grabs on the acrylic! (which is good any other day) and, you guess right, the watercolor pencil? was gone. I better laugh. I can always repaint it, this time with acrylics! I'm happy with the background but the other colors have to be re-worked.

And that's the reason why I like acrylics better than watercolors.
My daughter's comment: "you should've tested it". Good advice.
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  1. Actually Martha, I think you got a really great effect :D Hope your hand isn't too sore today :D XXX

  2. Martha, I think this is pretty ;o) That was nice family time with your hubby ;o) I hope your thumb is ok ;o) Hugs ;o)

  3. I think it looks great! Maybe it was meant to be.

  4. I hope your thumb is okay too and I think it came out well.


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