July 7, 2012

Can you see it?

I made this heart with tree debris in one of my walks, it's a bit hard to see, the light didn't help much, but I hope you can see this heart :o)

Here is the third part on Deborah Company's portrait.

I am planning my next one... another artist I admire and have enjoyed our online friendship for years now.
Keep an eye over here for the next sketch!
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  1. Not only can I see the heart you made, but the larger heart shadow around it...beautiful :D
    Martha, I have been unable to load pics or comment on the FB group page. Have sent friend request :D XXX

  2. I can definitely see it- it's wonderful!

  3. Yes, I can see it. I'm enjoying following your art.

  4. Your heart is beautiful! Great video ;o)

  5. Beautiful heart, I can make it out!
    Love the videos!


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