July 11, 2012

Burnt heart

Yes, I burn dinner on ocation, but this time I did it on purpose hehehe
This is a marshmallow heart. I cut gently some parts and put it into the fire. I think it looks cool, and it smells like camp fire, fun picnic and sugar :oD

Easy to entertain? You betcha!

And also, I am working on a portrait, this is the sketch:
I guess there's no mystery if you can see her pictures ;o)

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  1. mmmmm...can smell the burning sugar from here :D XXX

    1. It smelled so good! I think I will go and make some more ;oD

  2. Love the marshmallow heart!!!

  3. Wow that is soooo cool! I love the coloring and texture, bet it was tasty!
    Your sketch is turning out beautiful!

  4. Bet it tasted nice as well. The sketch is gorgeous.


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