July 10, 2012

Life, and another heart

Well, between one thing and the next, I have not really done much art. Just thought about it.

Yesterday the day was just busy with errands. My son had to get a cast in his arm, after he hurt it weeks ago and didn't tell me. Of course it was half healing and now let's hope everything will set right.

Life is strange.... some days are too long, others too short. Some days are tragic, some are very quiet and some others are full to the brims with unplanned stuff.
And yet, we find ourselves happy with unexpected sprinkles of awesome here and there.

For now... a very simple little leave/heart:

I hope you have an awesome day!
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  1. That is a perfect little heart...and if you'd had time to art you wouldn't have found it :D XXX

  2. You are definitely right ♥

  3. Love your heart and I hope your son is ok ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  4. Ouch, your both in pain... hope your thumb / his arm heals up fast!
    Cool heart!

  5. Stunning find, I found a rose petal heart the other day and I thought of you and your blog challenge, if only I had found it a bit earlier.


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