July 22, 2012

Before the day is over!

Late I know... but it is still Sunday here! :o)
Well, these past couple of days have been busy, super hot (ranging from 116 and 102 -42 to 46 in Celsius), and I just made time to sit at the desk for quick comments and not a blog post. I still managed to chop some plants in my front flowerbed, came back in melted :oP

Here is a paper heart:

I love this new collage paper with big bold letters!
As soon as my thumb is better I will do something more elaborate. And I have to take pics of the portrait I'm working on too...
Have a good Monday ♥
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  1. :D ...and your thumb is going to heal working in the garden??? Hope you were just supervising lol :D XXX

    1. Well, I was using the shears so my thumb was ok. But I lost one of my earrings in the precess :o(

  2. I have a few Gaudi-inspired hearts to share on Friday.

  3. I hope you find your earring! Martha, take care of yourself!!! Your heart is beautiful ;o)

    1. I did!!! I was so happy! I had that pair of earrings for about 20 years, just sentimental value, but I like them a lot :o)


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