July 31, 2012

End of challenge

My last heart of the challenge:

And look what I found! I love this video!
... I guess some ideas are just in the general conscious mind ...?

Now I feel inspired to make some hearts like in the video. Like the pasta sauce on spaghetti! yummm

Thank you so much to the bloggy friends that participated! Which by the way, my blog anniversary is coming up soon! 7 years blogging. Wow.

July 30, 2012

Almost done...

We are so close to the end of this challenge! Where did the month go?
Here's another cut paper, over textured paper, scanned, digitally messed up, I mean, enhanced, and cropped. I think it looks cool, in all the colors like that. Kind of pop-art.

This is how it started:

With all the trouble my thumb has been giving me, I am tempted to do a month of hands, but I am missing painting portraits already, so not sure if I am running another challenge, or just take it easy till the kids go back to school and my thumb is more cooperative.
There is a lot of video to edit, so I better work on that as well...

Thanks for visiting, stay cool! Unless of course you live in the south hemisphere, then stay warm and toasty :o)

July 29, 2012

Sunday hearts

I bumped into this interesting Matisse painting from 1939, and since the leaves look like hearts, well, it was necessary to include it as my posting for today.

I am always and forever overdoing my paintings because I like defining edges. That is my obsessive natural default I guess, but I have been working on it, to leave a more picturesque/ stylized/ abstracted forms, so I have mixed feelings about this artwork. My first impression is that it looks like a WIP to me :o)
But once that thought is left on the side, it is a fun piece, full of "broken rules".
What do you think?

In other topics, I am rather upset that I can't follow any more blogs. I have been trying to figure out what to do and seems that besides bookmarking or adding extra links on a gadget, I will also maybe have to clean my follow list, and take all the dead blogs off (there are some dormant for about 2 years), and the doll related can be moved to my dolls blog. That should give me more space.
Why should they give a limit, I wonder? It probably has to do with programming and someone's concepts. There's certainly room in a server  or application to add a bazillion of tiny markings. At least I think so!

OK, have a great rest of the weekend, or a good Monday, where ever you are!

July 28, 2012

Love is all you need...?

I'm having fun with this hearts, can you tell?
For today, the design is also cut paper and digital play, plus a little whimsical silly mix of words by moi.

And the end result is:

"All you need is LOVE. And some paint, canvas, paper, brushes!
maybe a few stamps, ink... Definitely some medium to make texture with.
Oh! And a cellphone/camera/online thingie!"

I hope you are having a fun creative beautiful weekend.

July 27, 2012

Collage paper and digital

I made this heart with some awesome paper I bought from a local tiny shop. It is more expensive but hey, we have to help our local businesses! Plus is not like I was buying a truckload or anything :oD
So anyway, I cut a heart shape in white, scanned it with the fun paper...

then I went to play with the digital editing tools....


The end result is nice and soft, what do you all think? My two neurons were squeezes really hard to come up with those words lol

I hope the images are not shown too big, please let me know if they are over the border on the sides, i know every display is different.

There's more collage and digital play in the making, see you tomorrow!

July 26, 2012

Kitties and hearts

I have slowly being painting the portrait I started and also am making a video as well, but it will be a while till it is ready. Here is a little peek of my WIP

For the hearts challenge I have this cute image with a bunch of kitties. Someone posted and re-posted in in FB so I don't really know where it came from, but since it is hearts I wanted to share it here as well:

Thanks for visiting!

July 25, 2012

Wooden Heart & Video

I found this cool carving, from some old carvings made over a century ago

I love it! All woodcarvings are awesome, Whenever I see an angel carving I add it to my collection, well, if I can afford it! Some are very expensive, but I window shop just the same, for fun :oD

Also I want to share this video called "Heart's a mess". I love Gotye and this song ♥

See you tomorrow!

July 24, 2012

Keeping up

Wow, no idea why, if this challenge seems easier, I just can't keep up!
Maybe because of all the stuff that happens at the same time? No idea.
Well, my son had the cast removed, my thumb is been bugging me, I have been painting and making a new video, and I watched (again) the movie The Artist... love it!
That is the fast speed post for today, with bits of useless info and  unrelated random updates.
Here is the heart:

If you are visiting for the first time, and you would like to learn to make a face in your own style, I have a class We will start a new session shortly, click HERE to get more info.
Thanks for visiting!

July 22, 2012

Before the day is over!

Late I know... but it is still Sunday here! :o)
Well, these past couple of days have been busy, super hot (ranging from 116 and 102 -42 to 46 in Celsius), and I just made time to sit at the desk for quick comments and not a blog post. I still managed to chop some plants in my front flowerbed, came back in melted :oP

Here is a paper heart:

I love this new collage paper with big bold letters!
As soon as my thumb is better I will do something more elaborate. And I have to take pics of the portrait I'm working on too...
Have a good Monday ♥

July 19, 2012

Kind of out of commission

This is the heart I made last night at the restaurant:


My right hand is out of commission for today. I went to the acupuncture and  I left with 2 tiny needles still stuck on my thumb. That's ok, they don't hurt as long as I don't move them, so I am keeping all artsy (or cooking!) activity to a minimum.
I was thinking to add a picture of my hand but some people will feel squirmish :oS

See you tomorrow!

July 18, 2012

20 years aniversary

Today we celebrated 20 years together, time has gone so fast! Like 20 minutes (upside down in a kayak at the white waters) LOL
Really, it has gone fast, maybe I have been having fun? ;o)
The part I don't like is that we planned to get married in Summer, thinking that there would be always a chance to go somewhere over a weekend, and it turned out that his job got changed, morphed and so complicated that now it is the busiest time of year and we can't do much till fall. Oh well... As long as we are together, and healthy it is OK.

We went to have dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, we took our youngest kid along, and she took the most horrible pictures of DH and I, so i deleted them! :oO Leave it to the kids to do that to their moms! :oP
At the end, we ordered a Tiramisu ... yum!
I made a heart at the restaurant, but it is in the cell still, so I will post it tomorrow. For now, here is this picture, chocolate resins heart:

Thanks for visiting!

July 17, 2012

hearts for my mom

Today was my mom's birthday. I called her, but I wish I could see her in person :o/
So here is a heart flower...

 I want to invite everyone to visit the AWESOME work of this challenge participants, I am so thrilled to see so much wonderful hearts, and creative artwork!
Click on the top right tab, or HERE to see all the goodies, and leave them a comment, it feels so nice to hear from a visitor!

July 16, 2012

Yesterday news and a mess

My husband works in the food industry. The busiest time of year unfortunately is during summer, working 7 days a week till October. ugh! So we hardly get to do much except steal a few hours here and there. Yesterday was one of those times. We went to eat out, then the bookstore, then family time. I guess that was my kind of "heart" for yesterday, even if it was not posted here (ó ._, ò)

I also smacked my hurt thumb on the washer, I saw stars, but that's beside the point. hehe :oP
Now, for the art part: The heart I made on Friday has suffered many transformations. And I really mean "suffered", poor thing. I wanted to use my watercolor pencils. So that's how it was made, and ink from a Micron pen. I wanted a blue background, and I used acrylics, so i wouldn't have to deal with running colors and stuff.... well, it was too plain. So I went to grab my spankin' new ink spray Dylusions, in a great bubblegum pink. The idea was to splash tiny drops of pink on the blue area. I covered the heart , prepped the area and squished the bottle with gusto. I saw in slow-mo how big blotches came flying and plopping down.

To my dismay, it looked like the Peptobismol guy barfed all over the table, paper and my left hand. I got the water and a large brush to remove the color from the paper, and had to work it, the paint really grabs on the acrylic! (which is good any other day) and, you guess right, the watercolor pencil? was gone. I better laugh. I can always repaint it, this time with acrylics! I'm happy with the background but the other colors have to be re-worked.

And that's the reason why I like acrylics better than watercolors.
My daughter's comment: "you should've tested it". Good advice.

July 14, 2012

Video from Deb

Today I had a great surprise video from Deb, made me happy and I want to share:

As for a heart, I am posting an oldie, from 2005:


Next month is my blog anniversary! In 28 more days... I will have to think of something fun to celebrate it.

July 13, 2012

Friday 13th

The only thing scary today was the heat. OMG we were in an oven! Went to the movies (Ice Age 3, just to try to feel cooler :o] ) and going out of the cinema was like literally, opening a very hot oven. 115F/46C. I didn't even try to go for a walk, I think next time I will have to do my walking at the groceries or something hahaha

Well, I am working on this little heart, ACEO size, but I am not done. I think I will add blue to the background, but if I don't post right now, I will not do it at all.


I will name it "Everything grows from the heart". 
I'm going to have some ice tea now. Would you like one too? Xo)

July 12, 2012

It is hot outside!

Wow, it's been so hot for the last few days! in the 100s F. I hope to get a bit cooler over the weekend. Crossing fingers :o)
Guess what? I went to the doctor to double check my thumb, took my Xrays (that now come in a CD, news to me) and.... it was broken! Aggh! They told me it wasn't but I knew something was wrong, after so many months of pain, stiffness and overall annoyance.
Now  I will need a thumb-holder thingamabob (Can't remember the name) and just let it be.
Also will get some acupuncture too just to help with the pain :o/

Enough complains. Now for the hearts:

I made this some time ago with paperclay. Turned out with very nice texture. I will be giving it for a blog giveaway in a future post towards the end of the 31 hearts challenge. More info later!

As for art, here is an image of the sketch I'm working on:

I will be making a video as I paint, so subscribe to see when I upload new stuff in my channel HERE

 Keep yourself cool, or warm if you are in Australia and NZ :o)
Thanks for visiting and see you soon!

July 11, 2012

Burnt heart

Yes, I burn dinner on ocation, but this time I did it on purpose hehehe
This is a marshmallow heart. I cut gently some parts and put it into the fire. I think it looks cool, and it smells like camp fire, fun picnic and sugar :oD

Easy to entertain? You betcha!

And also, I am working on a portrait, this is the sketch:
I guess there's no mystery if you can see her pictures ;o)

July 10, 2012

Life, and another heart

Well, between one thing and the next, I have not really done much art. Just thought about it.

Yesterday the day was just busy with errands. My son had to get a cast in his arm, after he hurt it weeks ago and didn't tell me. Of course it was half healing and now let's hope everything will set right.

Life it strange.... some days are too long, others too short. Some days are tragic, some are very quiet and some others are full to the brims with unplanned stuff.
And yet, we find ourselves happy with unexpected sprinkles of awesome here and there.

For now... a very simple little leave/heart:

I hope you have an awesome day

July 9, 2012

Tiny heart

This is a tiny one, by the sand in the park for the 31 hearts challenge.

I hope you are having fun with this challenge!

July 8, 2012

Leaving hearts here and there

It is fun to make heart shapes! I think I will leave hearts all over town ;oD

Have a beautiful Sunday and thanks for visiting!

July 7, 2012

Can you see it?

I made this heart with tree debris in one of my walks, it's a bit hard to see, the light didn't help much, but I hope you can see this heart :o)

Here is the third part on Deborah Company's portrait.

I am planning my next one... another artist I admire and have enjoyed our online friendship for years now.
Keep an eye over here for the next sketch!

July 6, 2012


I have here the heart from yesterday that I only posted in FB, and today's little heart:


Here is the second video on Deb's portrait (for those that have not visited my channel):

Thanks for visiting! I will post tomorrow the last part of  this portrait demo. See you then!

July 5, 2012

Portrait is done

I finished the portrait! I'm happy with it, hope Deb likes it. (Specially with those "flipping" and "halo" comments!)  :oP The title is "One"


I wanted to show it at the same time with the videos but like usual, youtube is too slow! I guess it was the day yesterday? so many people uploading their fireworks? Who knows... I will keep trying today. Deb's channel   HERE

 Update: Here's the video finally! (1 of 3)

I will come back later with my heart for the 31 hearts challenge. See you in a bit!

July 4, 2012

Have a good one!

My heart-hunt last time didn't bring any results but I got this image in an email, I thought it was perfect for this post and also being summer it looks extra perfect!


For all the friends here in the US, have a nice and safe day! Remember to bring your pets indoors, they get so scared with all the firecrackers noise, poor things.


July 3, 2012

ACEO with a heart

I'm barely making it! I have been so busy painting and editing a video, that I almost forgot to come and post my heart!
A bit different from my usual :o)

I hope you had a nice day.

July 2, 2012

Heart shadow

A little heart shadow I made with my hands while having dinner last night.

Tomorrow I'm going "heart hunting" with my camera, lets see how many I find, if I'm lucky.
I will be painting some as well, impossible not to! :o)

July 1, 2012

New Challenge!

June came to an end, scary isn't it? Well, I am done with my June Guys, maybe I will make a short slide show later on (I will take off the tab soon, but it can be found HERE!),
Anyway, since in July is my wedding anniversary I decided to make HEARTS!
Why save them all for February?

I will be making 31 hearts in July. I need something to lift my spirits after  so many sad/stressing  days. I don't know about you, but hearts have always been a happy thing to me, even if done in drama (Remember your teen years??)

One heart each day. Make one, make 31, whatever you can! Photographs, drawings, crazy doodles.... Chalk, pencil, ink, anything goes on any material! Let your imagination fly!
I think the most challenging part will be finding the time to post them each day.
But if you want to play along with me in this lovely challenge, come along, grab the blog button and make hearts with me ♥

* Happy Canada day for my friends over there!!
* Sorry if you saw this re-posted too many times. I wanted to type a heart and apparently blogspot didn't like it in the title :oP

*Also, for those that want to learn to make faces, don't forget I have a workshop going on. Click on the side bar for more info :o)