February 11, 2012

Day 11 weekend hurry

Well, spending most of the day out doesn't help much, but I really don't want to brake the challenge...
Even a little thing counts!
Out of my ongoing little girls ACEOs, I have this tiny character that seems I'm making all the time:

And the one from my daughter:

Gotta go now!

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  1. So beautiful... and your daughter's drawing is just gorgeous...

    Jenny x

  2. Spooky!! I was out all day yesterday....and spent most of it will 2 year old niece...blowing bubbles!!!!!
    I want a hat like your daughters character :D XXX

  3. Very funny! I am so enjoying this challenge and watching my drawing evolve. I'm all caught up in creating but not posting.
    Thanks again for hosting.

  4. those are so cute, you inspired me to make a card for my daughter and momma, huggs, Pamela

  5. The little ones always look the sweetest! Adorable Ayala.

  6. Martha, that little girl is a new little girl! I love her! So cute!!! And, your daughter's art, has so much expression! I truly love it! Have a great day!

  7. Very fun! Bubbles =) makes me want to play! Great art from your daughter, too =)

  8. Loving this new babe Martha, she looks like fun & your daughter's is so sweet, but I think your girl needs to share her bubbles with her so she can cheer up ;)

  9. love it love all of them


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