February 27, 2012

Day 27, WIP Angel

As Mondays go, this was pretty gray and rainy. Frankly I was not inspired all day long, but I am determined, so I made this simple angel. It is like the famous Rafael's cherubs. I have one made of stone in the kitchen so I sketched it.
It is still in progress, but I didn't want to wait and post even later that it is. :o)


  1. I love this little image....I once painted it(as a portrait of my eldest who was 5 at the time) over the fireplace where we lived :D XXX

  2. Blessings for making it to Tuesday!!!! Peace, mary helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Such a sweet angel... great start!
    Thank you for sharing your process :]

  4. She is going to be so pretty! Take Care Martha ;o)

  5. Sweet little sketch, I love how you drawed her hair


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