February 16, 2012

Day 16, sketch of a girl

The verification code is a pain in the neck. Adds time to a simple action and kills the fun of posting a comment. Blogspot has some issues in some servers (or something of the sort) and in some cases takes several tries just to post a happy note, which at the end is a desperate cry for help. Please, if you really want visitors to comment on your blog, get rid of that plague. They upgraded it to something even MORE complicated now. Sorry for the rant.

Now to the post! :o)
I will be working on this girl with a braid, I was unsure if I wanted her holding a heart, a flower or a clay pot. As you can see, the clay pot won.

Sorry about the lousy scan. The water paper does not like to be scanned :oP And I didn't want to go heavy with the pencil. I am having so much fun with this 29 faces challenge! I will be visiting all on Monday, to upload to Pinterest as well.

This one has no rhyme or reason, sometimes the characters come like that ;o)


  1. (¯`•♥•´¯)
    ★`•.¸.•´ ♥◦☆

  2. Love her! Aquarius poring the waters of life :D Your daughter has a real eye for drama :D XXX

  3. Lol! Love the second one. :) He's in a hurry! :) First portrait is gorgesou, too. I don't like the word verification either. I understand your rant. :)

  4. It's fun to see your faces each Friday. I enjoy making up characters too. Very nice work. Happy PPF! :-)

  5. I agree...this is very difficult for me to even read much less repeat. Beautiful work once again!

  6. Lovely girl Martha & I think you chose right! I also love the faces on you talented daughters drawing, I'm wondering if she was drawing on the frustration of the verification codes as her inspiration LOL!

    1. Seems fitting, right? heheheh but I think it was school related Xo)

  7. I am so with you on that captcha thing - man I get so frustrated and annoyed having to try and figure out what those words are, then I type them wrong and have to do it again!!

    Nice work. I like painting girls with braids.

  8. I agree about the verification thing- such a pain! I thought the drawing below was about your "rage" ! Very pretty start to the girl with the braid- I'm sure she will be beaoootiful!

  9. Oh I love her! I think the clay pot add an original touch.
    Catherine Denton

  10. Ranting away with you! I hate the new verification and it has really affected my ability to comment on other posts.

  11. Hey Martha, I hate the verification code thing! Yucky!
    I love your girl with the clay pot! She looks very delicate!
    Your daughter's art, as always so much fun!

  12. Hi Ayala,

    I continue to enjoy your work!

    Have a great weekend,

  13. Beautiful! I love the old-fashioned feel to her. She would make a lovely painting!


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