February 7, 2012

Day 7 drama

So last night my husband updated the Office program, and it deleted my favorite photo editor! The one I have been using for ages. Great.... I spend hours trying to see what could be done. Then I gave up till the expert (my DH) could come to the rescue.
I spent hours uploading to Pinterest, and I know I have to do things differently, because after all my work, there's people that has not been uploaded.
(* I will need everyone interested to upload their own, send me a note to make you "contributor" in the boards. You don't need to do it if you don't like the idea or you are not in that site, no problem.)

So anyway, I had this photo editor drama, and so many hours doing stuff, that I didn't really work on my piece till late. And to stress me even better, Microsoft didn't want to get fix.
It is 10:50 pm, and just now I was able to crop my picture.
With more ado, here it is, in progress: (Acrylics on canvas, I posted this before, with less work on it)

Click to read more after the brake:

This one with a funky effect, more cheerful:

And finally, the one drawing my daughter made: (titled "ewww" ink on wrinkled paper. She is such a joker)

Good night now, my pillow is calling!

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  1. That first one is kindof spooky. I had fun with some water color faces today.

  2. Poor you! I panic and sulk if anything changes on my puter :) Love the skin tones on your painting she is going to be beautiful when she is finished :D XXX

  3. Hey Martha, I am sorry for all the stress you have been through! When I saw you called out for help in the aceo group, I didn't answer, because I didn't know how to help you!
    Your faces, as always are stunning! And, your daughter is too funny! She is so talented!! Takes after you!!!

    1. Stacy don't worry, all is working back again. But I was so sad and stressed... how come they don't give you an option to keep or change some things? The new thing they give you is an organizer, not an editor. And for the looks of it, after we went online to check, there is a huge number of complains. :>[
      But.... I have it back!!

  4. I love that your daughter is playing along ...and the this woman is looking somewhat scared...am I right??? Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. The effects you are using are interesting. I like the "funky" looks especially!

  6. Wow, what a day you had. I hate it when the technical stuff goes bad. I'm glad you were finally able to post. I like this very much. Love your daughter's sketch, too.


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