February 28, 2012

Day 28, still working on angel

Here's where I am with the angel painting. I am having fun!


And here's the girl with the braid, I am still working on here, needs more shadowing on her face, however it looks much better with the black line gone. I painted on the braid, neck and face, and still will add more deeper color to some areas:

By the way, in case you have not heard, starting next month (2 more days) they will challenge all the google stuff, gathering sites, privacy settings etc, to give you a "better online experience" but also, to snoop on all your searches, keep a history and gather MORE information from their group of sites (youtube, google+, fb, and some other places. So anyway, if you don't like the idea of loosing privacy and anonymity, you might like to turn it OFF by following this steps HERE

Tomorrow I will post the last of this challenge. ♥


  1. Love your angel. Thank you again for hosting this challenge!!!

  2. Love your images and thanks for the privacy link :D XXX

  3. Your angel is so adorable and your other girl is so sweet ;o) I put my privacy on pause ;o)

  4. Very nice job. Great February month of paintings that you did. Happy PPF and yes I have already deleted my browsing history or paused it. Take care.

  5. They are wonderful. Thank you for the tips too!


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