February 20, 2012

Day 20 and fun stuff!

This is my face number 20, made in a restaurant paper place mat. Over the weekend we went to San Diego. I had to retouch digitally because the back was brown with letters "Old Spaghetti Factory" and it showed :oP:

Oh, let me tell you something before I keep going about the art stuff... in a blog I read recently, (I will comeback with the link later, I don't have it handy now) they were talking about some "love locks" they have all over Europe's bridges, where they get a lock with the names of the couple, and they leave them in there, with no key. I thought that was so cute... well what do you know I saw the same thing here!
 This was not a bridge, but was just as romantic, locks with names all over the fence... we will go back and leave or lock there too ♥

we took this pic

Want to read my whole trip story? Keep reading after the break:

Of course I had to go to the Art Museum, right? Saturday we spent it walking around the Gaslamp District, it was fun, lots of beautiful buildings and we did a little shopping, had lunch in the mall (it is the craziest architecture in any mall I ever visited! Arches, angles and weird corners everywhere) All the colors were very Latin, mustard, brick, and kind of all adobe, mixed with modern. I felt so at home ♥

On Sunday we went to the Museum. Oh boy... My feet still hurt and we didn't finish looking at all the buildings around! yes, we have to go back.

my daughter took this pic

I was thrilled to see so many wonderful painters. I could take some pictures, but in some areas cameras were not allowed.

They had some Buddhist exhibit (beautiful!) some abstracts (I really didn't care for that one) an European collection (fascinating!).
 If this looks like Leonardo's work, is because this painter was his apprentice. Love this painting!

taken from the website

There had Monet, Degas, several Picasso drawings and a painting:

we took this pic

In the Modern Mexican Painting exhibit they had 80 paintings from 1907 to 1962, with many artists like Alfaro Siqueiros, Tamayo, Diego Rivera, some work of his I never saw before, like these:

we took this pic

This one has all his style, but the fingernails were bleedy, more like Frida's style. And there's a spiderweb on the left, plus the skull:
we took this pic

And I almost did a happy dance when I saw a pencil on paper from Modigliani, OMG!!

we took this pic

taken from the website

I love art museums, I was in heaven.
It is so wonderful to see the brush strokes of an old painting. I got as close as I could to see each mark, crackled corner and texture. I could feel the struggle, the assured mark, the vanity, the technique... the emotion or or even the hesitation of the work... A couple of paintings showed semi erased layers and changes, see the semi deleted guy on the right?

we took this pic

Some artists paint the whole canvas, some leave unpainted areas. Some show the sketch, some never had one. Soft brushes, hard bristles; rough or smooth surfaces... colorful marks of somebody's dreams and efforts.
All of it permanently left for the world to see. Or as permanent as a canvas can be.
And seeing that makles my little heart happy :o)


  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey with us :D XXX

  2. Eheheh!! Great portrait! I usually draw on old menus at work. :))
    You knew that this fashion of love locks was born in Italy some years ago? It came from a novel in which the writer told about a bridge in Rome where people in love put lockets with their names on. It soon became a real thing.... :))
    Ayala, I'd like to invite you to my March challenge. I've been so inspired by your 29 Faces, that I decided to host 13 Goddesses in 13 Weeks! :) I hope you'll find the time to participate!
    Have a great week!

    1. This sounds great! I might join late, because I want to do the OWOA event, and that's like a zillion blogs, and I'm afraid I will go totally nuts if I do 2 at the same time XoD
      But is sounds awesome!
      PS Your verification "captcha" word is not letting me post in your blog :o(

    2. Sorry! I thought I had cancelled the word verification!! Let me see....

    3. They changed for a double word now, even more difficult! I wonder if also my browser doesn't like it? It's just impossible to post in some blogs :o[

  3. This is simply lovely, such a wonderful post!
    Thank you for sharing your photos, thoughts, and wonderful work. :]

  4. Thank you for this glorious shared journey. I love the fact you could take and share your photos plus to be able to get up close to the actual works is such an honor. Blessings for us all left at home! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Your trip sounds amazing!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing it with us and all the photos!! I LOVE the love locks idea, I never heard of that before but I am so glad that I did, that is the cutest darn thing ever!!! :) Your face is beautiful too, even if it is on a napkin! That is dedication lady!!! :)

  6. Wow, what an amazing trip you had! Thanks for sharing all the pictures! Truly enjoyed seeing them! The love locks sound so beautiful! Love the idea! Your little sketch is very cute ;o) Have a great day!


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