September 24, 2012

Almost finished old portrait

This face went through a big change. The old stained paper collage is not even visible... something that I wanted to keep, but splashing color was ore fun at the moment hehehe
I wish I had a matte crackle finish! Mine is shiny and I don't like that for this particular page. Even if I cover with medium, will remain glossy.
If you know of a matte brand, let me know :o)
I'm still working on her, she needs eyelashes and a couple of more things, but tonight is Back to school night so I better run, and do the marathon all over the campus till like 9 pm :oP

Video coming soon....


  1. She is going to look amazing all crackled....can you add something like talc/flour to crackle glaze to make it a bit foggy?? Or rub it down/scuff it after it's cracked?? I would experiment on a painted scrap of card if I were you :D XXX

  2. there's something very Picasso-ish about this! :)

  3. or rather, Frida Kahlo... :)

  4. Wonderful face - so full of character. Love her colors as well!

  5. could you use the crackle glaze, add the color for the cracks, and when dry coat it with matte finish? make one more step, but you should get your effect...

    1. I have done it, but it remains shiny. Even 2 coats of matte, and it is still shiny :o/

  6. Love her eyes and earrings ;o)


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