September 23, 2012

So many styles, so many thoughts...

You know how Scientist discover laws that everyone already knew about, or thought about, then they name them after themselves?
Well, here's a new one for ya...
Martha's law: Thou shall not Selleth, what thou doth not Listeth.
In other words--I'd better start filling up my Etsy shop!

But there's this thing... I don't like to stick too long to a style or medium. I tend to run from one style or size or substrate, to the next almost opposite. And when I hear they recommend to "do one thing and have only one style in your shop" that kinds of pokes a hole in my inspiration...
I recently heard Gotye saying that he likes to explore whatever he can in music, and he only gets excited  to work in the next project if it is significantly different from what he was doing last... and that is exactly the way I feel.
It was so relieving to hear that from someone else, in some other unrelated form of art.

I was not kidding when I said in the PPF blog that I suffered from "Quoque plures penicullus incompositus" which is fancy Latin for "Too many styles disorder". I term I coined and translated into Latin, to give it a fancy twist ;o)
Although I should say I enjoy the condition, not suffer from it. That little change can make a world of difference.

That has been stopping me from offering and listing all my recent work.  The thought of "who's going to like it" or "who's going to even find it" comes to mind after seeing that most of it doesn't even look like it came from the same pair of hands...!

But the answer will always be no one.... if it is not listed and offered, right?

So, for better or worse, and with the best of wishes, I will be listing and reopening my Etsy shop, (...and an online gallery I have been quietly working on for a while, but, shhh! Not quite ready to talk about it just yet)

With all that said, this is my collaborative face for today. My daughter finished the details of this sketch titled "Stop the negative thoughts!"

I invite you to do the same. Stop any negative thought and keep your art going ♥


  1. Totally motivational post Martha!!! :D XXX

  2. I really like this - although it makes me think of that "speak to the hand" phrase my daughter threw at me constantly when she was a teenager.

  3. I agree Martha, you must go with what feels right and keeps you inspired to make art. I also get excited by different techniques and love to try them many techniques, so little time:) I will look forward to seeing your new look etsy store.

  4. This post really spoke to me! I feel like I'm always seeking my personal 'style' which I never seem to find because I get hooked on new stuff all the time and that holds me back from sharing my work. I guess you should just do what makes you feel good and keep doing it!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Personally, I like to see some variety in an artist's collection of work. So many times, everything starts to look the same. I think even if you have one preferred and recognizable style, you should never stop experimenting. I love today's face!

  6. Love this pic! And I too have heard stick to one style--I can't!! I think you have to go with what you feel at the time--and I think eventually it will start to merge together...maybe---and become your style? Just a thought.

  7. Martha... I can't stick to 1 type of art either... I think it's a common thing.
    Love seeing all your creations. Great post! Very nice sketch!


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