September 17, 2012

Madonna with ink colors

I used inks, which I had not used much before. I had to thin them and I have to say that they go really strong when not evenly mixed, so in parts it looks blotchy but it kinds of goes with the watercolor style.


Even when she doesn't look much like the original Morning Madonna, still turned out sweet.


  1. I love the way it turned out - we really don't know much about what Mary or baby Jesus looked like - this is beautiful! And I am impressed by your use of inks - they are tricky.

    1. Thanks! Oh, definitely.... I'm sure she wore none of this style of hair or outfit though ;o)

  2. I like the color variation- it looks like shading and draws more attention to your images!

  3. This is as lovely and gentle as any madonna and child should be! Beautiful!

  4. A beautiful and sensitive Madonna and child painted in your unique style.

  5. Very sweet indeed!


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