September 29, 2012

Three dear friends

These are my last faces to complete 29. I was in shock to see there were some missing, since I took extra time to finish some of the pieces. But anyway, with this little painting, I'm all done :o)
I decided for the coming holidays and because I like the Mexican folklore, I was going to do another Day of the dead art. This is a postcard size acrylic painting.

Their names are from Left to right: Hope, Faith and Charity.

They love to chat over a cup of tea, only that Faith insists on having their tea outdoors, because Hope and Charity make a mess, with them being all bones and that.

I want to thank everyone that participated in this last 29 faces challenge of the year ♥
So much fun, joy, learning, experimenting, and sometimes stress, shock and disappointment... but hopefully we all did something new, something difficult, met new friends, and learned a bit more about ourselves in the process.

Shall we do it again next year, in February?


  1. I'd love to have tea with these women! They are perfect! HPPF!

  2. What a wonderful trio! I would love to do it again - and maybe keep up next time. Thank you for hosting this challenge.

  3. Hihi, they look cute together. thanks for organizing this, it was great fun! And YES for February! ♥ denthe

  4. Faith, Hope and Charity make the perfect ending to this months challenge Martha:) Thank you for hosting this wonderful challenge and I for one will look forward to Febuary when we can do it all over again!!

  5. Oh these ladies are just too cute!!! Fabulous finale to yet another marvellous challenge. Look forward to joining you again in February :D XXX

  6. thanks for sponsoring this fun challenge.

    this was my first time and I had fun participating and discovering lots of new, talented folks out there!! i WILL be back to join you in february!!

  7. Lovely, trio, they are great. I really like the faces you've created.


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