September 15, 2012

Encaustic portraits

My face for today is inspired on the Roman era Egyptian wax portraits. The look mainly, not the technique, but I'm planning to work on that ;o)

This is a wonderful link for of Encaustic art portraits, very much in the subject of our 29 faces challenge and I want to share it with you. Click HERE to see a collection.

It is fascinating to me to see artwork so old in such great shape! Some are thousands of years old, some less, as in, many centuries :oP
I had the chance to see some at the museum and I just love them.. I wonder if many of them are by the same artist? A lot of them seem to have the same eye style; mysterious, deep, kind of sad.

One of my favorites:

And a video:


  1. Your faces are lovely. They all look so friendly!

  2. I am loving your drawings..! Wow. how cool!
    Is it too late to join in the fun?
    if not, where do I go to join.. It is amazing to see these old faces.. love everyone!
    Thank you so much..
    hugs, Darlene

    1. It's not too late! Of course you can join! Go to the top of my blog, click on the tab 29 faces" and follow the instructions, if you have a FB, you can join the group too. I left it in both sites because not everyone is in the 2 places. And there's a public page as well

  3. If anyone had asked me what nationality I thought those portraits were, I would have instinctively said Spanish....and they would all appear to be related, as you say ... they eyes are so similar. They must have been a wealthy family to afford such beautiful tributes to their dead.*has urge to paint on scabby wood* :D XXX

  4. This will be fun. Looking forward to your painting. My encaustic instructor showed us the very limited palette those artists worked with. It makes their art even more amazing.

    p.s. to Darlene -- I just joined this challenge two days ago. Go for it!!

  5. I love her smile Martha! Thanks for sharing the older faces! So much detail and feeling in them!

  6. I am hoping to get my paint brush wet tonight! Thank you for all your info, and as I said before, I love what you are doing.. xox


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