September 22, 2012

Paper bag face

We went to the bookstore and of course I had to get a chocolate fix :oD
While sitting there, I started to doodle a portrait of my daughter. At the end, it didn't look like her, but whatever... I kept it to bring it home to the scanner. I like the image with the bag and all ;o)

And here is a little video slide (Thanks Angela!!) that includes 2 of my  ACEO Halloween skellies, that are in my shop HERE


  1. I like it a lot - when my portraits don't look like my subjects - I think of the subject as "portrait helper" - kind of like hamburger helper!

  2. Great sketchof your daughter Martha, I like the paper bag idea. Your skulls look good too in your unmistakeable Aylala art style :)

  3. I love the look of faces on unusual backgrounds.


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