September 9, 2012


FOr today, I just have an outlined drawing. I saw this awesome painting and I just had to try it! Not sure if I will add color to it. Maybe later.
My version is not well proportioned but here it goes....

The original painting is absolutely wonderful, I just don't have the author :o(



  1. This fabulous! I love drawing inspiration from old paintings!

  2. Lydia, I do also!

    Martha: something funny: while cleaning up, I saw a bar relief portrait that my parents used to have in their apartment & I was thinking it might be fun to draw from that! :) If I do, I'll take a pic of both! (And since the sculpture/relief is white, I don't know if I would add color to it or not.. or just use it as a shading/depth exercise...)

  3. Wow, that's amazing! Great job and idea.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful, Martha! Love it!


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