September 22, 2011

20th day of 30... so fast?

It's hard to believe that I am on day 20 of this challenge. Everything that can be going wrong, has been going wrong.... I think that has to be a new online Murphy's law or something :o}
From computer problems, to blog problems... to forgetting to post (We had the "back to school" night so I was in a hurry) then finally a day with no internet, because somehow one of the cables was pulled out of the thingie. Took me all day to figure, actually, I didn't figure it out, it was my husband. Probably the kids kicked it or pulled it accidentally, the thing is, I had no internet, but plenty of time to do stuff around.

For now I have the last of the Fall inspired ACEO:

Paper bag costume

Pumpkin balloon
I  think these two are my favorite of this group. I am working on some videos, but it takes time to make them and edit them. If I finish that this century, I will post them :oP 


  1. I think they're both lovely! Hope everything goes smoothly for the rest of the challenge!

  2. Thanks! I hope so too, I never had so much silliness going on! But even so, I have been enjoying the challenge :o)

  3. When you are counting the is amazing how fast they go and can get away from us! I think these are the sweetest!

  4. No kidding... I can't believe we are in September! Thanks Debbie

  5. Great fall-inspired ACEOs!
    Really capture the Autumn spirit.

    My 6-year old niece said something funny this week when she got out of bed one morning. She said, "Someone brought Autumn while I was asleep!"

    Happy weekend!

  6. Hey Martha, these are too cute! Love them ;o) September, it's almost October!!

  7. I love these two aceo's, they are so cute1!!! Hope everything starts going right and that the 'everything that can go wrong, did' is behind you.

  8. Oh your ACEOs are precious! It seems when we try to just do something life sometimes has another plan:)

  9. Thank you Brenda, Thanks Rasz! Yes, we plan, and life happens :o]

  10. I love these little girls! They are so darn cute, just precious!


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