September 27, 2011

Fail Monday , Better Tuesday, 24th of 30 of Art

Well, I am glad yesterday is over. Some Mondays are like that. I was able to be online a couple of times for a couple of minutes but I had my poor baby sick, so I had gatorade in hand and a mission to make sure she would drink it. She grew another inch this past 2 days she was sick!
Today I send her to school since she had no fever but told her to call me if she didn't feel good. I am on call. And later this afternoon is my son's Senior pictures, so he better not get sick too! :o)

I painted yesterday but at the end of the day, didn't even post. Oh well. All it took was an intention to blog for 30 days in a row to have all kinds of calamities falling down on my head LOL I give up! There had been a bunch of times when I can do it, I come to post, I have the art, and nothing happens, but for whatever reason these past few weeks went nuts. :oP

I am actually working on a couple of videos, but not done taping, and it takes time to edit. But I have a scanned picture and here it is:

Still needs more shadowing but so far I like the eyes.
Thanks for visiting and for your comments :o)


  1. oh my goodness, yes, her eyes are beautiful. Such a lovely piece.

  2. I am praying your sweet little baby is feeling much now...I do know how difficult it is to balance family and art making! I love this painting's peaceful and serene. Carry on little artist/mother! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Thanks for such nice words Tammie! Xo)

    Mary Helen, thank you♥, she is doing better, but still has a scratchy voice, poor thing

  4. 30 days of get your Art on! Oh my gosh you are so ambitious! LOVE your work! Great painting, her Eyes are so beautiful and love the little bird ... and all while ytou take care of your family! Great stuff and off to check out more of your world ... thx for the visit!

  5. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Martha ;o) I hope your little one gets better soon ;o) Take Care!

  6. Oh .... this is beautiful Martha!

  7. Very pretty! I too love adding birds to my work! Patsy from


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