September 29, 2011

Halloween ACEOs for the 26th day of 30

I want to say, the best part of a challenge is to push the regular schedule and get out of the comfort zone. It's been close to a month for this 30 days of art, and I have enjoyed the challenge even with all the household and computer drama, because I felt a new wave of creativity in my mind.
I do not work fast, and I don't know how some people have a video ready each week, with all the complicated taping, editing and working.... so far I am in the second video, of the 3 I challenged myself to make. It is a very simple video, mind you. But will upload in youtube tomorrow.
The other thing to challenge besides painting daily, is adding them to Etsy...! so I listed 2 ACEO today that I painted a few days ago, click picture to see listing:

Funny Paper Bag Costume
Pumpkin Balloon
I think their little dresses turned out cute. I am not always happy with the dresses :o)

At the end of the challenge, I will go back to post every other day. I think that leaves the post with a bit more time of exposure, although some people get the post by email.
But definitely I need to list more, so I can paint more!
Thanks for visiting and see you soon ♥


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