September 25, 2011

The chicken story, WIP Art, and the 23rd day of 30

Sorry guys! I thought I had posted about my long distance black chicken pet before, but I didn't!

Here we go: Months ago, probably close to a year now, going down the Avenue towards the Highway, I saw what looked like a very chunky crow, but in a closer look, it was a black chicken, running free down the road! We were laughing about it, wonder how it got there, and I "adopted" her as a long distance pet. She is my black chicken.
Some weeks it disappears and later on I see it again, eating by the curb. We even stopped once to try to catch it, but it runs too fast with her long legs, she is a funny silly thing.

We took pictures of it with the cell phone but are tiny. In the ways things go, the days I have the camera, the darn chicken is hidden from view, just the shadow or nothing... and the days I am busy or can't take a picture there she is sitting pretty by a bush LOL
There is also a kid fox in that same spot, but they seem to ignore each other. and like 300 squirrels that roam around that side of the fence. There's a canal on the other side, and an oil pump, so no one will be building anything. 

There she is, ornery thing... hiding from my camera

Somewhere down the Highway there's a place where they sell eggs, chickies and feed, we think somehow it fell from a truck or maybe even ran away from the shop.

Now, moving to the Art part of the post, this is the other lady from the video:

Now please wish me luck, because my daughter seems to have the same thing my DH had.... poor baby :o(
She spent the day with fever, but the good thing is that she went to the fair already, if we had waited for today like I wanted, our plans would been ruined.


  1. So sorry your daughter isn't feeling seems to be that time of year, doesn't it?

    I hope she feels better soon :)

    Love the art....she has such a far away expression....clutching those lilies like she's thinking fondly of someone she loves...

  2. Oh Martha, I sure hope you are not next with that bug! Hope your little one feels better soon.

    That is a long leg funny chicken for sure!

  3. Thanks Cameron, my daughter seems to be feeling better this afternoon :o)
    And yes, the lady in the painting is thinking... lets see how it looks at the end!
    Debbie, thank you! The good thing is that I rarely get sick of whatever my family gets! I'm lucky... but then again, when i get sick of something, it knocks me flat, but they don't catch it... funny huh?

  4. she is coming along beautifully! I love that far away look, too.

    The chicken story is cute, I think it's hilarious there is a neighborhood chicken there! I am always surprised by how fast they can run. We have wild turkeys all around us and they crack me up every time I see them. They run in front of the car, back and forth from one side to the next. One freaks out and that sets the rest of them off. I just wait for them to get out of the road.

    I hope your family is getting better quick and that you don't get it!

  5. Sorry about your daughter Martha! I hope she feels better soon ;o) Love the black chicken story ;o) And, the painting is looking amazing! Have a great one!


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