September 20, 2011

Witches ACEO and 18th day of 30

Here are the couple of ACEO I finished today, two little witches! I wish I had purple boots. I already have the spiky black hat trimmed in purple cackle cackle!

Lollipop bat

Butterfly in the hat

Well, this is silly but I never clicked to post this. Oh well...


  1. Martha!!! I love these!!! Are they going to be in your shop? Or on ebay?? Love them!!!

  2. You didn't click to post this??? must be magic ;o)

  3. Thanks Stacy!. No, I actually left it as a draft for 2 days :oS Don't you love it? LOL

  4. How funny! So those cute witches posted themselves, did they! I think they know how adorable they are and just wanted to show themselves off!

  5. Something like that... that's probably why one of them is giggling XoD


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