September 8, 2011

You just have to love her (7th day of 30)

I first met Deb Company sometime around 2004. In those days we were hanging in the ebay groups and laughing our heads off about silly postings and artsy stuff.
We have been in contact in different networks and no mater what she does, I try to keep my eye open for any video, any news because she is simply GREAT.
At the end, even if I did not paint, if I didn't do a single important thing that day, I still feel good, just because I heard a joke, a quote, or a whatever she posted.

I want to share this video with you, as my art post today.  If you have seen it, you'll enjoy it again, and if you have not... you'll feel like you found a treasure.
You just have to love her!
Through the years, in couple of different occasions, I have received pretty mean comments about my work. Now, I can take a critique well, and like to hear an honest opinion; I can see how someone won't find my work pleasing to their eye... same as I don't like every single thing I see of art works, simply because we all have different taste, but to post online a semi-anonymous mean comment, that has no excuse... nevertheless, you just have to digest it, see if there's a base for the comment, or was it a random act of jerkness, and then move on. But it's in moments like that that you grow, believe it or not. If you learn to keep going.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Martha FANTASTIC!!!! Thanks my friend ;o)

  2. That was a terrific video! I had tried watercolor painting years ago and decided I would take a beginners class at our local community college. On my first day in class I realized the teacher was a well known local artist with a following. Every one in the class except myself and a young man were all experienced painters selling their artwork. The class was basically a show-n-tell of paintings and then being critiqued by the teacher. Of course me and the other lone student's artwork were critiqued brutally and being beginners at watercolor was somehow comical to the experienced art teacher groupies of the class. There were no lessons in techniques, no class time painting, this was it. This was suppose to be a BEGINNERS class. Within several weeks I dropped the class and gave away all my painting supplies. This year...over a decade later...I am now painting again.

    Thank you for posting this video. It is still so hard to share my work on my blog and haven't built up the courage to take it farther...I'm working on it and I will continue to create!!!!

  3. Rasz, all I can say, is that was a sad and insulting thing for you. Sorry to hear that.
    Don't ever give up. Find a different pace, find some other way... never feel bad for not knowing, no one is born knowing.
    I used to be a "helper" online, to just about any one that would come to one online group we had about 10,15 years ago... and I the first thing I would tell everyone was that: No one is born knowing. We are here to learn. Unfortunately we bump into mean people sometimes but in a way, that can be a lesson too, in our process to grow a thicker skin I guess.

    Don't be afraid, the ones that matter won't say anything ugly, and the ones that say something ugly Don't matter :oD

  4. Thanks for posting that marvelous video, Martha. As a veteran of many crafts shows I have had to endure many "ugly" comments. It has literally taken years for me to shrug them off and just put myself out there. Of course, everyone won't like what I create, as I don't love everything I see, but there is room for appreciation of everyone's artistic style.

  5. Exactly! Beautifully said :oD


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