September 14, 2011

Day of the Dead ~ Dia de los Muertos. 13th day of 30

I am running a paper doll challenge, everyone is invited. It is a very early Day of the Day/Dia de los Muertos celebration, and I am posting here because being it a hand made paper doll, I had to paint and it's turning out cute, if I may say that myself ;o)

Here's the doll, free had drawing on water color paper, then outlined in black. a Micron, Sharpie, or any waterproof pen can be used. I wanted a thick line, but a thin line could work too.

A coat of matte medium is good, but also gesso can work for more texture. In this case I did not want bulky texture. Color with watery acrylics, for a watercolor effect that won't get ruined by weather if moisten later. Or by an accidental drop of the whole container on the table, like I have done in the past :oP
Cut along, fix the outline where needed for a finished look.

Keep reading after the brake...

Put the parts together with tiny brads, and decorate. My happy skeleton has a sunflower, ribbons and bells!

Looks ready for a Fiesta, although the scan doesn't look as bright.
Well, have fun creating!


  1. thanks!!
    skelly is wonderful!!

  2. Fun Fun FUN!! You are going like a well oiled machine... pumping out some wonderful art here, no brakes in sight! Love your finished festive skelly he's a great idea for Halloween decorations!

  3. Thank you girls! I have a bigger copy in my doll group, for the kids (and kids at heart!) to cut out and decorate!


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