September 7, 2011

Drama and 6th day of 30

As of today, I will call these series, the "30 day soap opera" Which consists of a determined nutty artsy woman, and her terrible bratty gadgets. Before showing you the art, let me tell you last night I received an email from Shelle, my friend in Australia, letting me know she could not access my blog due to a virus warning. I panicked and went to check, but it wasn't showing anything to me.
All I could think was: first the computer, then the programs, now the blog?? (o_0)

So I went to the blog forum and after hours (literally till this morning next day) I could find an answer.
Turns out a little twitter button I had in the side bar, came from a site that had been hacked. I deleted it, but don't worry, there was no chance for any visitors to catch a virus, unless they were to copy and use that particular twitter button, which hardly would be the case.... nevertheless it s gone!
And come to think of it, that's probably why Lorrie could not access my blog sometime ago!?

Who knows really... my antivirus never told me anything, so go figure.

Now as for the art part of this post: Since being in the laptop is such a pain in the neck, I have done the very basic online stuff, which turned out a very productive time actually. I have some images to share today, yaaay! I painted the other ACEO:

This is the way I was feeling last night lol

 And finished the "Inspire" painting as well. Finished another painting that was not in the video (I will show it later) and started another. Hey, I even finished the laundry!


The colors don't look the same as in person.It's hard to work with what I have at this moment (you guys would laugh if I tell you all the circling-around I had to do just to get this images.... but 'tis part of the soap opera I guess.
See you tomorrow!


  1. Martha, yeh! I am so happy I can get back on your blog! I have e-mailed you 4 times, about how your blog was blocked to me, because it had a bad virus. Not sure if you got my e-mails? Glad you got Shelle's! I love the aceo ;o) When are you putting it for sale??? ;o) And your other painting is GORGEOUS!!! Have a great one ;o) Missed you!

  2. Hey, just now I got them! :oS
    I guess now I
    that I figured the 80 steps to get an image I could try to stick it in Etsy, but they are so tiny! I can't get anything larger than 96 pix and not sure how it would look on Etsy...? I guess I can try and see.
    Thanks Stacy!

  3. No problamo :) Woohoo!!!!! I'm here, no warnings, just straight through and so pleased to see this wonderful art but sorry to hear you had time to do the laundry LOL! I agree with Stacy go put this up for sale in your shop...
    Martha, hate to say your banner comes up as a broken link at the top of page, you may have to reconnect or put that link in again... oh good luck getting your old/a new computer... mind was playing up this week (really, really slow), I thought it didn't love me anymore ;)

  4. now the banner?? LOL noooooo
    I went to check but seems the image is still there. In this monitor looks huge though!

  5. I will keep looking at your shop, for that aceo ;o)

  6. I am loving what you're creating!!

  7. Well, you sure are completing a lot of work with your sick computer! And laundry, too!

    I never had any issues getting onto your blog, but for some reason I can't seem to get the feed. No biggie, though.

  8. I am SO glad I re-checked getting onto your blog today and I got on!!!! Yay!!!! This seems to be happening more lately to blogs. I hope the cyber bullies who start this stuff take a vacation.

    As for your new creations, wow! Very nice. I love Inspire painting. Thank you for showing the steps. There is something special to looking at the process and the finish.

    So glad you are up and safe!!! Technology can be so wonderful and frustrating, just like life I guess.


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