September 6, 2011

Battling techology and 5th day of 30

One thing I have learned with this episode of my dead computer is that technology can be wonderful when is working, and an annoying nightmare when something goes wrong. You would think that everything is very much mix and match, but no, it isn't.
I have been battling this goofy programs, gadgets and computers that don't seem to like to work together.
I finally found a camera that can plug to the portable, just to find out the movie maker doesn't like that particular gadget because they don't speak the same format ugh!
So here I am experimenting to see if I can upload a tiny video directly into the blog. Hopefully it will work and will not be too heavy to open.
Of course that with no editing program, the video is raw and pretty much soundless hehehe
Oh well...
The whole purpose is to show the Frida ACEO I finished. My 5th day of 30 days of posting art:

I used water mixable oil pastels. I never used them before and in fact didn't even know about them till I saw them in the craft store.
They look velvety, you can water them to look like watercolors, very transparent, like in the skin area, or make them really thick like in the background.
I don't see myself getting addicted to them like with acrylics, but they are fun to work with.

Now lets see how this post behaves. I might have to do it again if I can't come up with something else before the part gets here and I have access to my usual ways.

I better keep this short. If it works they way it should, I will go and update the other post from yesterday the same way :o)
Please let me know if it takes a long time to open! Thanks!


  1. That is very frustrating--older components often don't mix with the new--it is always very time consuming! Lovely Freida! The video opened fine for me.

  2. Love the look of this Frida & opened immediately :)

  3. Thanks for your visit!

    You certainly have Frida down pat!

    Hope that you are doing well!


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