September 5, 2011

Broken computer and 4th day of 30

I was going to post one of the ACEO that are ready but to my dismay, my computer is not turning on...!! and ALL my pictures, scanner, blah-blah, etc are there so...... I'm lost. I have no idea what happened to it.
Right now I'm in the kids portable and I do not like it, but that's beside the point, even if I liked it, it still doesn't have my documents sniff-sniff (emotional violin music in background)

So well, here I am, in a picture-less blog post :oS. If later on, when my husband comes home, and if he's able to fix it.... I will post a picture.(after making him an extra delish dinner) If not, well, then I will update tomorrow. This sux! aghh!!! If nothing else, I could use my daughter's digital tablet with the pen-mouse, to draw, because not even the camera thingy will fit in this portable's port holes!  :oP

Now, for the proper subject of the post, this is my 4th day of 30 days posting art. I finished the ACEO with the little bald guy holding his hand to his ear; I used a juicy blue/green fluid acrylic by Golden for the background, very dark. The rest is painted with watercolors in different flesh tones. I called it "At night I can hear the stars".

Oh! And yesterday I went to Michael's with my handy dandy 50% off coupon. Bought an awesome acrylic color called cobalt turquoise from Liquitex. It is beautiful and pricey... 16.99, compared to the other colors around 5.00 to 7.00 bucks. Don't be too surprised if you see lots of turquoise in my paintings heheh Actually, that is one of the colors I seem to use the most. Along with ochre, brick and purple.

Well guys, sorry for the lack of images today. I will make it up tomorrow, cross your fingers!

Update: Well, it's 8 pm. After testing several things, seems like the power supply (which is some mysterious box inside the pc) went dead, and it will have to be ordered, so shipping time etc... ugh! I will see a way to plug the camera into this thing or something. So frustrating :o(

Another update next day: So I was able to grab an image for this post, which is a tiny video. Better than nothing right? Here's the little guy. He will be listed as soon as my pc finishes having an spastic episode.


  1. Hang in there! Hopefully you're computer will be back up and running soon!

  2. So frustrating especially since you just started your 30-day project. Hopefully the part will come quickly!

  3. Thanks Jacque!
    Debbie, no kidding, why didnt it brake last month? or next month!

    I found a port where the flip camera can connect but guess what? the windows movie maker doesn't read that format! At this point all I can do is laugh.
    By golly I will find a way!
    I'm determined!(•u•)


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