September 13, 2011

When to stop.... and 12th day of 30

Out of the many different ways to start a painting, I follow two. One, by making my drawing of whatever I want to paint, and then add color. This way I know 90% of the time where I'm going and I have "room to wiggle" in the colors, texture and last minute elements added. But I know what it is, and pretty much, how it will look like. I like to do it that way.
The other way, is to make texture and a background, then paint something spontaneous, well, kind of spontaneous considering that I always want to paint a portrait! lol This order of painting is more free, a bit scary, and 90% I have no idea how it is going to look like at the end, or if I will just stare  at it in shock after making a mess. why? Because of not knowing when to stop.

That's the tricky part. Learning when you have to stop.

I can work on the same piece for a LONG time. Last night my husband told me to stop at the point where I had basically just started a new one. Perhaps he's right. Coming from a more realistic style, it's really hard to go to abstracted art, which is something I want to try, even if it's not totally abstract art.

When I make my ACEO I typically do illustrations, I just have so much fun that way. I have several painted as well, with oils on canvas... but seems like they don't have many fans, as I still have them after I listed them :oS

Maybe it is time to make a video slide-show, if the paintings I had the time to photograph before the "next step" which is something I often forget :oP

And after many more steps and layers...

I guess depending on how abstracted we want the end result, is when we stop, one way to say it. Although in abstract paintings you can have a zillion layers and never know when to stop I guess `(o.O)'
What do you think?


  1. Martha, I think she is beautiful! And, don't get down on yourself, when some of your art doesn't sell. I have lots of aceo's that don't sell! LOL! Eventually, they do ;o) Hopefully ;o)

  2. Thanks Stacy! :o) Well, is not the down part, is the storing part lol That was one of the main reasons I stopped making large work, because I ran out of place :oP I don't want to find myself again like that XoD

  3. I love your showing the beginning and end of this, and yes I agree--it's probably one of the hardest parts-knowing when the piece is finished. Something just tells me that it is--or I've run out of room to put anything else :)

  4. It is always interesting to hear about the Artist's process and approach--thanks for sharing!

  5. Diane, that is funny, running out of room! But so true :oD

    Debbie, thanks! I also enjoy seeing the process of others, so much fun!

  6. I meant to leave a comment here yesterday, I really love this image & the many textured layers, also that delicate quizzical look on her beautiful face... this is really lovely Martha :)


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