September 12, 2011

Mondays, Pricing and 11th day of 30

Today was a weird day. Started with my cat being sick and making a mess, which is never a fun thing... And continued with house work, and by the time I was ready to paint, it was almost time for the kids to come back from school. I still managed to sit and work, but a question that comes to mind of many, popped into my head: Pricing of our work.
How to price, how to have an atractive, yet fair price, and don't feel like we lost our best friend if it sells.
I have read articles, have come to my own decisions, and when I ask Etsy, all they tell you is to charge more.
I had once a person asking to lower a price. I have friends who have that happened too. One of them ended badly, since the buyer turned around and re-listed in ebay the work! :o(

To charge more, you really need to have a lot of demand, and still, it's always more incentive to start low and go up in an auction. At least that has been my experience. And to charge less is wrong, if you will end up with tears while shipping. There has to be a happy medium.

With this new way to search in Etsy, I have not figured yet WHO was benefited, because it certainly was not me! LOL My hits went slower, and that is never fun.
And I guess they know, otherwise they would have not come up with the coupon codes, rigth? That's my conclusion anyway :o)

Here's an image of some of the mixed media work I did today:

That's a detail in the corner, the rest is still too messy for words.
Oh, and for those who asked about my thumb... it's still not 100% fine, but getting there.
Darn spiders..... :o)


  1. I struggle all the time with pricing, too. I know I tend to price (?) too low, but I think it is a matter of getting yourself "known". As my beaded flowers started to become more popular, I found I was able to raise the prices and they still sold.

  2. Interesting mixed media painting! I agree with Debbie on the pricing! We you get yourself established, then you can put your prices where they should be!


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