September 2, 2011

eeekkk! September! 30 Days of Get Your Art On

Time keeps on slipping into the future. Hold on, isn't that a song? OK, Never mind hehehe

This is one of those long posts.... so sit comfy. I want to tell you about:

*Being relevant in Etsy.
*30 days of posting.
*The OWOA (Our World Our Art) event .

Here we go...You know, with all this changes in Etsy, the "relevant" new way of searching and be found... we all have to remember to have the right TAGS, the best TITLE in our listings and the first few words in the actual text of the listing, 160 characters which will show up in a google search.

Keep reading...

 In this image above you can see 3 of my ACEO. 2 are on top because I just listed them. The 3rd one is actually "first" of mine to be relevant for this search, and I know, because the top row is "recent" and the rest are older, which shows my newest listed at the bottom of the page, and my other new one is on the second page, which means is not as relevant, even if listed withing hours of the other one.
Simply because the words are not in the right order in the title and tags. The body of listing first few words will show up in a google search, so preferable, they should be related as well.

Make sure you say ACEO or Painting, Doll, or whatever the main item you are listing in the title, tags and or body of the listing.
Sounds redundant and maybe silly, but I myself found to my shock, that I was missing the words in the right place. It's really easy to assume that everyone knows just by the image, but we are talking about new buyers that don't know you. Will they find you?

At the same time, at the end of the day, if we ALL are relevant... are we ALL going to show up stuffed in the first search result??? heheheh  Nop, it will come down to newer listings.
There's a menu to the top right, see image  (if they have not moved it again) where you can select "lower price, highest price or newest listings)

I hope I didn't confuse you even better.

Now, to my second topic:
30 days of posting see HERE for the challenge 30 Days of Get Your Art On to blog for 30 days. It was to start in September but I will be late for one day. At the end of it all, you will either love me or be totally sick of me LOL Hopefully you all will stick around! ♥ ♥ ♥

And on to the third topic:
The beautiful One World One Heart blog event, has been transformed into OWOA (Our World Our Art).
The main difference is that now only people with art blog s will be part of it. No matter what type of art or craft, but no other kind of blog is part of this. Why? because many people with completely unrelated and almost non existent blogs hoped on board and is not fair that some people have a lot of effort in their blogs and art/craft and some random person runs copy/pasting with a blog (3 post only) talking about rodents in some foreign land. hehehe Some didn't even have a gift, they just wanted to take what they could.
Now it promises to be a richer experience, with a better chance to meet friends with same interests.

I can't wait! Not a day to start yet, but Lisa says sometime in January, or beginnings of February, so be ready!
(Updated this post to include a link to her blog)

Consider this my first of 30 posts! (`-_•')


  1. Thanks for the Etsy info!
    Sounds like your going to be very busy and having fun!

  2. Welcome Pam! I do hope it will be fun, I'm planning to make a few videos of it, many times I end up having a conniption because the computer or the program acts up :oP lol

  3. Martha, thanks so much for everything ;o) I greatly appreciate it! I think I will be joining OWOA this time. Have a wonderful day ;o)

  4. Thanks for the Etsy reminders--I went in and changed my titles and rechecked all of my tags. Hopefully, I did a good job.

  5. Thanks for the update Martha! Stacy told me about the importance of tags, so I went in and corrected all of them in one shop, still have to fix the other shop. Then she reminded me of the titles - I had forgotten to update them at the same time! LOL! I guess I am a glutten for punishment!

    Seriously, you really clarified the relevancy issue in the titles category for me, thanks a bunch!

  6. It's been a confusing thing for me too, and relevant is only for the search words a person uses in that search.
    It takes time, but little by little we can do it :oD
    You are welcome!

  7. Thanks for pep post and encouragement!
    Little by little is exactly my plan of attack!

  8. Oh, where does one go to learn more about the OWOA event? I'm curious....

  9. I signed up for the newsletter last year, so I received an update by email, I can FWD to you. And I will go dig out the URL from the files :o)

  10. That would be wonderful, Martha! Thank you!


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