February 2, 2013

2dn day of 29 faces

These are our faces (mine and my daughter's) for this second day:
She had more time to work her digital art today:(Frankly, I am amazed with what she can do! I will never even understand the app :oP)

I had less time today.... just a WIP. I am using a very old book that was in my MIL's garage for the past 40 years of more. Will insert it in my journal when I'm done.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Both beautiful. Your daughter might like an app called "Art Rage" has a lot of fun tools!

  2. Your daughter is a fantastic digital artist! I can't wait to see what your face looks like when it's done!

  3. Both faces are very cool! Nicely done.

  4. hello,
    lovely to join you again for 29 Faces.
    your daughters is piece is wonderful, really enjoyed seeing it.
    your face is charming, it will be fun to see what you do with it.

  5. My favorite face is the face of the book page, dear Martha ♥ Your daughters face is lovely too, but I am falling ind love to faces with bokks. I hope, this will be inspiration for me, to try it also.
    I love your challenge, dear Martha! I am so glad to find it out and going on to be a part of this amazing project.
    Sending hugs and :)

  6. Both of them are fantastic Martha!!! Excellent you are using an old book!

  7. wow! really amazing digital work!
    And great idea to use an old book for your artwork! Looking great so far!


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