February 11, 2013

Sad face. 11th of 29 faces

A couple of days ago I was told about the death of a dear friend. She was only 47, and she was always so healthy and mindful of her life choices, doing exercise, not smoking... etc. And she had a tumor in her head, that came back again shortly after a surgery. I feel so bad that I was not there for her. I didn't even know.... I am broken hearted. I really couldn't believe it till I spoke to her sister today.

Life is too short. Love today, talk to your friends today, hug your parents today and don't hesitate to do what you really like, because today is all we have.

My daughter's digital art:

Thanks for visiting and I hope you are enjoying the 29 faces challenge as much as I am, it brings joy to my heart. Blessings.


  1. Dear Ayala! I'm sorry about your loss. My son has a classmate who's father is also suffering from brain tumor and he is in a very bad condition, not knowing if there is any possibility of cure left.

    I think you are right about being aware of the here and now and appreciating what we have.

    Hugs Ilona

  2. It's always hard to lose a dear friend. I love youre face, even when it's a sad face. And the drawing of youre daughter is also very pretty
    Liefs, Melanie

  3. Dear Martha, a face with a tear and a broken heart ... I feel for you, know what it is like to lose loved people. Your face is in spite of your grief so intensive. You are a brave soul, let your soul speak in tender moments as such. Love and hugs

    1. Thank you Erika. It is always hard to say good bye I guess.

  4. I so sorry to hear of your loss. Your friend is in Heaven and she knows you love her. Art is so healing, it's a great way to deal with your grief as well as prayer.
    Peace & Blessings

  5. I am so sorry Martha! Big Hugs my friend! Life is too short!!! I love your painting and your daughter's too! Very touching!

  6. Oh how awful, and what a lovely expression of your sadness. These things seem so senseless, it's always hard to accept. You're so right about not taking anything for granted.

  7. I am very sorry. I lost a friend at the age of 38 to breast cancer. No matter the age...it hurts so much to lose those we love. You are so right...love well while we can.

  8. I am very sorry Martha. I feel your pain, I lost a friend a few days ago too, she was in her mid 50's. Way too young. I am sorry you weren't able to be there for your friend.

    Beautiful art. There is so much emotion in yours. And your daughter's is pretty!


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