February 24, 2013

Face #25 of 29 faces

I decided to make a double post today and have this one in it's own post.
Face #25 with more of a lose brush and collage on a 4x6 board:


  1. This face is not at first regognisable as one of yours Martha. It's different but I like it just as much, I like the lose brush and seeing through the layers adds intrest and depth. Just out of interest, what does the text at the bottom say?

    1. I was going to keep painting a bunch more layers but my daughter told me to stop at that layer, so i did. Usually I keep going, but this time I just stopped :o)
      I wish I could understand the hand writing! It is a beautiful paper that I collaged from Paper Loft. Seems like it if was written in French, but it is so tight that it is hard to define letters.

  2. I love this woman, dear Martha ♥
    She has strengh and she is looking like a expressionism wife. Also the colors are perfect.

  3. Very Interesting image here...you are on a roll!!! I like this !! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Love the texture. She's beautiful.

  5. Love the eyes! Very dramatic!


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