February 10, 2013

day 10 of 29 faces

I gave the Leonardo inspired lady a layer of ochre and added some charcoal.Then I thought she needed a spark of color and the poor thing ended up looking like she is wearing a dead eggplant on top of the head. :oP
I think I will take the blue off, but I wanted to show you:

My daughter is a little better but still sneezing and with a stuffy nose, poor thing. Anyway, she made a cartoon character from Adventure Time, Marceline. (This version is cuter, in case you have not seen the cartoon, which is pretty scary lol)

The character was rescued by a guy that went crazy and doesn't remember things anymore, and there's a song that I want to share with you.... it's been stuck in my head now for days! Grab a kleenex, the singer is adorable!


  1. Again verey nice from both of you. It's good to know youre daughter is getting a little better now.
    Liefs, Melanie

  2. i had a good chuckle reading about the "dead eggplant"...we are our own worse critic. She has a lovely smile for sure.

  3. Yes, alarmcat is right, we're always our worst critics! I think she's beautiful, and eggplant would never have come to mind, but now that you've said it I keep picturing one there!

    1. This is just too funny! I had to laugh, but yes, we can be our worse critic.
      Thanks you!

  4. Dead eggplant! LOL! Only you Martha ;o) She is very pretty without the eggplant! LOL! Your daughter's is very precious ;o) The singer is adorable!


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