February 22, 2013

More of my WIP

I spent today all sniffly and with a watery nose... I hate it! So I took it easy. I was going to go shopping but decided to just stay out in the sun, it was really pretty outside.
I painted some more of my page, but I didn't start a new face today. I will rush tomorrow.

Here is a close-up of my face:

This is the whole page, I think I'm finished with it:

Here's an image before the background:

I have to go now and find a new box of tissues. Aaa-choooo!
We have 6 days left! It's going too fast.... Oh! I am posting blog addresses of participants to the FB page, so hopefully more people will go visit all of you.


  1. Just put up four more faces today - I think I'll get to about a dozen this month.

  2. she's a beauty!! love her polka-dot dress :)

  3. She is pretty and graceful, beautifully rendered! <3

  4. Dear Martha,
    I love her eyes and the close up. To see the little blue accents is helpful for me to understand what makes faces special ♥
    Thank you and love and hugs

  5. I hope you are feeling better Martha ;o) Your face turned out really pretty! She reminds me of a woman in the 1950's ;o)


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