May 28, 2010

The pitter patter of little feet...

clayNo, not in my house! ;o) But they are tiny little feet, and they are wandering little feet.
Next week I will post more about this project we are working on, and promisses to be so much fun!
Here is a little preview:

I hope everyone has a safe and fun long weekend!

May 25, 2010


Over the weekend we went to an awesome fair in northern California. This was all my husband and my son's plan, I was just going as a non-argumentative being, not expecting much fun so I took my book, in the hopes to find a corner and read.
Well, I have to say, I had so much fun!
I bumped into an old flame while my husband was busy.... the moment I heard that squeaky voice and the One blue eye, blinking at me, I knew I was still in love LoL

As we kept walking I saw another cool robot, from "Lost in space"; a fan made it identical to the original! It had a player on the side with music from the show, it was fun to see.

They had all kinds of robots for fun, work, decor, goofiness, workshops to learn how to make them, books and tons of information! On the other side they had more inventions but for the organic/nature/recyclables/green lovers. Oh! And Steam-punk! There was a whole area full of Steam-punk: cars, jewelry, acting, music, and the weirdest most fabulous machine-thingies I ever saw! I loved all the Victorian/crazy outfits.

Which reminded me of a tiny little robot I have since I was 8 years old. Imagine, a very old treasure of mine ;o) I went to look for it when we came back, and here's his pictures, isn't he a cutie?

And just when I thought I had seen it all... there was the Craft Magazine area! yaay! isles of yarn, fabric, dolls, hats, beads, T-shirts... all kinds of classes (ugh, I couldn't take one single class! but watched bunch of demos)

Adam, from my kids favorite show Myth-Busters, was there too! They had the best time listening to the behind the scenes chat.
Well, I better hit "publish" now!

May 20, 2010

New baby listing

Just listed Little Annie on ebay. She is up from her nap and has very puffy hair hehehe
You can see her auction is HERE

May 19, 2010

News about Luna

So, Luna finally arrived to the UK, right? After all the grounded planes, delayed shipping, volcanoes erupting and all that. Well she's been having fun with Victoria, just look at the pictures HERE in Tracey McCartney's blog! I love the golden moon Raedell made!

photo by Tracey McCartney

I already made Victoria's story, now all I have to do is wait for her to get here, and I'll make sure she gets some clothes on LoL Something nice, with a great color for a redhead. hmmm I am thinking green. Well, yes, I was thinking green with Luna too, scratch that.... Maybe dark blue.... or pale soft pink.... black and white polka dots....
What do you think? :o)

May 18, 2010


I received an email from a friend with about 20 amazing paintings. I tried to find out the name on the artist in the signature but it was so tiny took me a long time to decipher. Well finally one of the slides had the name big enough for me to read, and I went to google to see check if I got it right. His name is Pantelis Zografos. He makes watercolors of Athens, Greece and they are beautiful!
I just learned he lives in North Carolina. Initially I thought the paintings were from some sunny Mexican spot, because of the colors and the tile roofs, but it is not.
Look at this and you tell me:

May 16, 2010

Most of the time, anyway!

Don't you feel you should have more control over things sometimes?
The weekend came and left so fast, I'm still spinning.
I didn't do as many things as I wanted, but managed to organize some of my mess, and the house regular mess. Summer is around the corner, well, the summer weather is here anyway, we reached the 90s today!
We have 3 more weeks of school then everything will flip backwards in our schedule. Some will be happier about the change, some will not LoL
And there's nothing we can do about it ;o)
Thinking of that, I made a little Queen collage some weeks back, but just now scanned it (in my "organize or toss away" rule) and here is the result:
A picture of me as a queen (fake short hair, mind you)
Will this give me more control over things? No. Did it make me feel better? Yes.
I am still giggling. My favorite part is the cookie :oD

I am queen of my desk. Most of the time, anyway!

Traveling Doll Project Update

Dear readers: Sometimes I make a post but never get to finish it, so it stays as a draft in the unpublished part of the blog... This is one of them. It's been in a draft for over a month, so i think I will publish it now in June anyway.

Victoria is here!
And you know, poor Luna got stuck in her trip from Florida to the UK, due to the volcano named Eyjafjallajokull, right? So after almost a month she finally showed up there, ash clod and all, but, I still had no clue on HOW to say that word and blessedly I bumped into a blog that had the answer HERE.
I know, by now it is old news, but I do believe it is never too late to learn something :o)

So anyway, here is Victoria, and soon you'll get more pictures after I work on her!

May 13, 2010

Snail on the run

Having a kid that loves animals has taken me back to my own childhood, when I myself loved ALL animals. The only difference is that we didn't have a carpeted house (where animals indiscretions can and will leave an undetected mess for days) And the fact that my dad had a magic trick, where all my collected animals would randomly disappear eventually. All except my adored chihuahua, that lived with us for 18 years.
We have rescued, fixed, helped, fed a bunch of animals which usually we manage to find a new good home for them.... As you might remember our latest experience with Scrofie's 5 boys. :o) (I'll get updates on them soon!)

So, while working in the yard few days ago we found a HUGE snail, and of course we had to place him in a little new house, right? Well, after making a snail house out of a plastic bottle with a net secured with a rubber band on top for ventilation, and a jungle of leaves for food and habitat, he settled in the kitchen by a shady wall. They wanted to name him "Keeper". I wanted to name him "Goner". We settled for "Cooper"
Yesterday I found the bottle horizontal, opened ....and snailess! agh! The only thing left was his poo :oP
Where is Cooper??

After school, I showed the kids the empty "snail house" and asked them if they knew why it was opened and if they have seen the snail.
Imagine my delight when I heard my daughter say "oh, maybe they went for a stroll together"
"...I brought another snail to keep him company" she said.
I'm speechless for a minute. agh!

At least it wasn't as bad as when I was her age, and brought a bag full of snails to my grandma's house, and forgot it in her bathroom. I was so proud of myself, I had collected like 30 in my little paper bag.
They were still finding snails in strange places a month later. XoP

As it turns out, Cooper was art inclined. I found him by my paint's box, tucked in behind the corner. He is residing outside again as you can see in the picture, but he didn't want to smile for the camera. The other one, I guess will be in a French l'escargot dish when I find him, sneaky thing.... XoD

May 9, 2010

Hope you all had a good one!

It is kind of late to post a happy mother's day, as the day is almost gone, but I hope you all had a nice day too. This is a pretty calla lilli from my yard.
We had a sunny day, went out to eat, went to a museum and got to see a house that had been relocated to the museum 2 years ago. We went there too when it was moved, it was fun to see! But took a while by the time it was reinstalled and redecorated etc..... it was nice, I love old houses and even when it was not a fancy house, it was well kept and documented.
After that, we stopped for an ice cream and it stared to rain just in time to go back home, so all in all it was perfect. Best of all, my little one is not sick anymore, so that made me a very happy mom :o)

May 7, 2010

Anonymous and private?

Have you noticed that lately, the fashion is to take all your internet info/junk OUT without telling you?
Really, WHO wants to have all their movements tracked and displayed without being told first? I frankly don't care to see who did what after reading an email in yahoo or hotmail... And I am sure they are just mimicking facebook, who has this obsession of taking everyone's "cyber laundry" to hang out the window. ugh!
At least in ning you have the chance of canceling! Or "had".... who knows what the new ning changes are, for 500.00 a year they want now... But I won't go there! :oP

Now, I do love reading blogs, checking on listings and pictures etc.... read what the author intended to share with readers! But what I don't like is the step-by-step description of activity from contacts AND their contacts... agh!
I don't want my stuff to hang out, and I don't really want to read of "activities" others do in their pages. That's a waste of space, time... and a horrible lack of privacy!
Someone needs to make a big sign saying "ATTENTION NETWORKS: give members a clear way to opt out of updates and sharing!"
I had to go through a bunch of pages and buttons to find how to stop seeing that from others in hotmail/yahoo plus their beacons.
Really, don't think for a second you are anonymous or have a private visit anymore :oP If you say hello to jane doe, it will show as an update somewhere unexpected, not only jane doe's space :oB
...yeah, makes me crabby. Where's my chocolate?

May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Here is a "Cinco de Mayo" Frida. She will go to my Etsy soon, but I wanted to share this funny picture, kind of a creepy angle if you ask me:

I was taking the dolls photographs and I had an audience.
Well some people hire models, I have Panzón on the roof ha! I wanted to take a picture of him with a bandanna but he would have none of it. Dratted cat >^.^< hehehehe

So instead, I made a new avatar:

I don't know about you, but...

Seriously, do people really need to use the F bomb? Do we actually need to type it in an online network? Or say it in a video and upload it? Oi!
Sorry to say, but I have deleted people from my lists in several networks due to that...... I know we all get frustrated at times but really, do not waste time typing the F word. It looks goofy to me, sounds yucky and I don't enjoy opening my "whatever network" page to read new postings and have the ugly word jumping in there.
Well, of course, unless they want to attract the cursing feisty type of audience.
Not me, thank you very much. :o)

If the cursing words were "chair" and "table" a lot of people would be saying chair and table. Just to be that way :oP

Panzón agrees with me.

May 2, 2010

I've been busy...

Oh my goodness, May already!
I've been busy creating and finishing: A Frida doll, a bird doll and my Alice in Wonderland for ADO.
Also taking care of a poor sick child with fever since Friday....going from the kitchen to the TV room, to the computer and back to the kitchen where I set camp for my dolls to be close to my sickly kid, who by the way feels much better today thank heavens.

....And I've been spotted!
I've Been Spotted on IndieSpotting
Some weeks ago I found this cool website that blogs handmade work and all kinds of cool things.
My Frida with calla lilies made it to their front page!
Visit them and discover all the goodies they have there.

Have a wonderful day!