May 28, 2013

June Guys!

June is almost here (Can you even believe it??) and so are the guys! Celebrate the dads and any guy in your life, including Mr. Darcy of course (◠◡◠)
This is only for human male faces (zombies, trolls, vampires and elves welcome. Inanimate things or objects with a face, are a no-no for this challenge.) 
Any number of faces, as many as you want which means 4 or 40 are fine. Any medium, size, technique, substrate, style.... all levels of expertise as well.

Join the fun in this month's Mr Linky (check my top menu June 1st) and do the following (so that ALL your June Guys posts show):
-Make an introductory post with a label/tag "June guys"
-Post it
-Click in your own label/tag
-Copy THAT address on your browser
-Paste it in the Linky ...  voilĂ !

If you make a mistake I can fix the link no problem! For those in FB you can post them all in the 29 faces page. Remember we start in June the 1st.
You can grab this image to post in your blog:

 Or a smaller size for your side bar:
Save this image and upload in your blog if the code in the side bar doesn't work

They changed the "grab button" html code and it is all confusing now, I hope it works! if not, sorry about that. You can just save this image, upload it in your blog in a gadget for images, and add the link back to my blog. That's optional.
I wish they would stop changing things all the time! But there you have it, it's how sites have fun I guess.... confusing the users ( ¬_¬)

Oh! And check my GIVEAWAY ! A Winner picked in May 30th!

May 26, 2013

Save a dead paint brush!

Have you ever had a busy painting day, too many things in your head that you forget completely to clean your favorite painting brush...? just to discovered it all ruined and stiff the next morning (aaaghhh!!)
Well, here is a tip to save a damaged paint brush from the trash can!

Acrylic paint or medium can make the bristles hard and ruin a good brush.

More images after the post brake....

May 23, 2013

Giveaway time!

Hey guys... do you want a chance to win this 11x14 painting?

Visit my FB art page, "Like" and share that post in your FB wall, leave a comment in the post in my page to be randomly selected in May 30th.

If you are not in facebook but want to participate, post it in your blog about the giveaway with a link to my AFB page and leave a comment here in my blog telling me that you want to be included.
Thanks and good luck!
Or just say hello if you are visiting from PPF ♥

May 22, 2013

Last E.C. from team #1

This is the last of the Exquisite Corps in my team #1. The scan is missing the other robot hand, that's the part I made; this is the one Joy started.
My other team has been experiencing some difficulties, plus it is an international group, which means mail takes longer, but I will post as they come :oD

Isn't she a beauty? ;o)

We still have some days in May --I can't believe we are already in May!! aaagh!--
Ahem... as I was saying, we still have some days left to plan for "June Guys"!

If you want to participate: We make any number of faces, as many as you can. which means, 4 is fine, 30 is fine as well.
Only male human face, mostly for practice, and I will add a "Linky" here in my blog, for all to share. Also, we can post them all in the 29 faces FB page for those in FB.

We start in June the 1st. Any medium, size, technique, substrate, style.... all levels of expertise as well. (。◕‿◕。)

I will make a blog button for this event and invite everyone. The more, the merrier!
For those that have no idea how to make a male face or any face at all, I have a class at a very affordable price, check my side bar for "Basic Face" to learn more about it.

May 21, 2013

Photo Manipulation done right

I just bumped into an artist with the coolest ideas on photo manipulation, her name is Flora Borsi. This post is about models looking like the paintings. I love it!
Click the image to go to her awesome blog.

Also, this is my E.C. I mentioned yesterday. A face only a mother could love haha

Makes me feel like doing the chicken dance ...

May 20, 2013

Another E.C.

This Exquisite Corpse is the next finished in my team. It belongs to Tammy Gulat:

Looks like a wild creature of some long ago legend... and wait till you see mine! I just got it in the mail, it is hilarious! XoD

May 18, 2013

Busy stuff

I feel bad not to come and post in my blog, feel like I have been neglecting it, but I have been so busy with so many little things! Lots of errands, doctor visits (one kid hurt his shoulder, the other is growing too fast), and plenty of painting. I have just had enough time to visit FB shortly and keep running.
But when I start scanning my images (emphasis in "when") I will have a lot to share here.

For now, I have a very sweet image a lady asked if she could paint, from the mama dove in my patio in the past post. Her name is Joan Bryson.

I think it turned out nicely ♥

And before I forget, the Exquisite Corpse I organized is going awesome! This is Milo Wylde Chin's from my Team #1:

The mermaid part was made by moi. I will publish the others as they come. No one knows the end look of the piece till we are all done!
Can't wait to see mine!
Linking to MoM

May 12, 2013

Face in the World update

Here is Manon's painting, as she was done by my team so far:


And after thinking for a while on what to do to her in my turn, this if what I changed:
I shorten the hair, gave her a uni brow, and being a Frida-lady then she of course needed more flowers, so I cloned the Flower detail she had and also painted a necklace like one of Frida's portraits and highlighted the leaves.

She is ready to go back to her original home ♥

I hope all the mothers out there had a happy day! Here is a photo I took of a mama dove that made her nest in my patio, I think today her babies took off flying because we went to check and the nest was empty. They were ready to go :o) Sniff sniff

May 10, 2013


This past week or two I have been obsessed with gelli printing. It is so much fun! But best of all, it allows me to finally like my abstracts. I have never been able to enjoy or create a decent abstract. I am still not where I wish to be, which is a more organic level, but I am satisfied this far :o)
This are just a sample of my recent work. I have probably 100 more I made :oD

I also have been working on my Face in the World painting, I will post tomorrow, and mail it to Manon in the UK. and her Paper Saturday HERE
Hello to everyone from PPF ♥ Linking to Gelli Print Party

May 3, 2013

yaay! So happy!

Last February while running the 29 faces, I posted a hint of my work, as part of another project see HERE for those that didn't see it.
And today I am so happy to tell you more about it. It was a collaboration with the wonderful singer Julien Neel, for one of his Barber Shop quartet songs:

I am so happy!  \(◔‿◔)/

May 2, 2013

Face in the World update!

Here is another beautiful face from my team! Started by Reagan Tomlin. In my turn I added the purple background with gold dry brush, and painted the edges black (it is a wood panel).

It's already on the mail to the UK. yaaay!

May 1, 2013

Things that make me happy

The first lily of the year:

My wood carved angels:

My art supplies:


Did I mention that I have been painting a lot?   (✿◠‿◠)

Oh! And our goofy cat ...

And of course, my online friends! Thanks for visiting ♥
Now you tell me things that make you happy!