June 5, 2012

Basic Face Workshop

Your attention please...

Basic Face Online class
What is it?
Many hours of recorded video, presented as workshop, which means you come to see the videos at your own time and schedule, watch all of them the same day, or one at a time. Then work on each of the 8 projects divided in 6 parts, print the images and play. Photograph or scan your work to show me and I will help you in areas that need help.

This first beginners workshop is for:
  •  People that want to draw a face but have no experience at all.
  •  People that want to refresh their basic skills and would like to learn more. 
  •  Anyone afraid of trying or scared of a blank paper.
It is a fun series of videos and images with easy instructions, tools to play and personal, individual help from me. I love helping :o)

The best part is that with these building blocks, you will be doing your own style!

What you need:
A fast internet connection for the HD videos.
A google ID (just like what you use to comment in my blog)
Sufficient basic computer knowledge to join online services .
Watercolor/Bristol Paper, pencil, eraser. watercolor pencils or acrylic paints.

How long is it?
It depends on each person. You can do a weekend marathon, or take it easy and watch spaced for few days.You can  take a lesson a week and practice, but if more time is needed, I'm here to help.

Where is it?
We will have our own space and registered members will have access to the site after Paypal payment. You will get an invitation in your email.

How much is it?
Only $45.00 USD. Price might increase in the future.
Because of the nature of online classes and workshops, no refunds after the class has started.

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