October 25, 2013

Online class!

I have been working behind the scenes in an awesome project.... ٩(≧◡≦

An online class with 38 other artists and crafters, with an abundance of color, texture and fun.
If you are thinking of a Christmas present for an artsy loved one, this is the thing! If you are thinking of learning at your own pace and loving every project, this is the class for you. The price is great for all the amount of projects, info and hours of video!
 Click HERE for more info.

October 14, 2013

The big Gray

We went to Monterey bay for the weekend, lovely as always! I forgot my camera, so I had to ask my husband to click here and there with his cell.
The one thing that took got my attention in the morning was the thick fog. WOW!
We have not had heavy fog here for a few years now, and even when it can be a big problem, it is also breathtaking. We went out to the hall balcony and all you could see was this big gray wall, and as you get closer you see details, and it is like finding treasures.
I am just happy I didn't have to drive through that!

We went to the aquarium... lots of inspiration!
Then by the time the sun was warming, and the sky was in an amazing blue, we walked all over the place, relaxed by the plaza where they had street painters and music. So nice! There's not much of a beach in that particular spot, but my daughter still managed to get her shoes wet (◑‿◐) and collect a couple of shells and pretty rocks.

Here are some images of weathered texture:

See the blue? it is the beautiful sky.

October 9, 2013


Life can throw some weird stuff at us when we least expect it. And sometimes for fun, throws some more when we are down, just to see if we are paying attention.
These past few months have not been nice or easy. As much as I love sharing art, I do not like sharing misery so I'll spare you the details, but let's just say that even in the crappiest of days, we still can find a smile and chose happy if we dig deep enough.

The 29 faces brought me happiness, you all gave me a great deal of art and positive feelings and smiles.
Today is my birthday and that's a good chance to have cake, so here's one huge slice for you all:

Thank you for visiting and thank you for the smiles. And here's to a better year, a better end of season, better beginning of the holidays and better everything.
Health, peace and love.♥

October 1, 2013

Old blog Buttons

I am posting here all my old blog buttons, you are welcome to grab the ones you like.
They were removed them from my side bar but I still want to keep them around :)

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