September 30, 2008

Trying to keep up...

Is not even cold yet and half the house hold has had already a cold, fever or both. Except me, I reserve the right to remain healthy until the Airborne Sebastian guy shows up in my town. Have you seen that Goofy Commercial ? It's a crack up!

Oh! I was sculpting for a while the other day, and came to the computer to check on
something. When I turned around, my doll had disappeared! I walked around, went to check different places to see if I took her somewhere else, though I was
sure I left her on the same table.
So I went around and around till I heard a little giggle and saw
something moving by the corner. HUH? I couldn't believe my eyes... I
ran to get the camera. See for yourselves, I caught it on
film, she was hiding from me. hehehehe

So she's still bald and hiding, and I'm silly. Now, the little baby elves I got to catch? Those were nicely done and have colouful hair and a nice little cozy pouch.
What do you think?

September 15, 2008

Odd Fae

Some time ago, I bumped into these funny looking little sculptures on ebay. Tiny guys hiding in shells. So whimsical, and never fail to bring a smile to my face. They keep popping their nose out of their shells, or pods. A bit shy, a little odd.

Later on I had the pleasure and luck to be in the same sculpting group with the artist that creates them. Her name is Dawn M Schiller, her creations are OddFae and Autum Things.

Even the dolls and sculpts that are supposed to be mysterious or even scary, have a fun cute side to them. What a sense of humor and creativity!

Thanks Dawn for lettting me use the picture of one of your original shellfaes!
I love'em all.

September 11, 2008

One minute of silence

Seven years ago I was in the kitchen, in a sunny nice day here in California. I got a call from a friend, who had just move from NY to TX a month ago. She asked me "Did you see the news? Did you hear about the accident?" Sounded to me like one of those news of crazy things that happen in New York, or somewhere far, far away.
I had not turned on the TV yet, so I was not aware of air plane crashings or how in just a few minutes the whole Nation, the World had changed.
While still on the phone, another plane crashed the second twin tower, and we cried together.
It was not just some far away buildings collapsing, not just some strangers dieing. It all was just too close in our lives. And we all died a little that day.

September 8, 2008

Little by little

Several things have happened in the past days:
I am not a politically inclined person but.... Alaska Gov. Palin was introduced as a vicepresident for the Republican party (I like her a lot). Casey Anthony went out... then in... then out again from jail and she's not telling where her little girl is (if you don't know who she is go HERE, Oh, and Sen. Obama said he visited 57 states of our country.
Geee I thought only my town was growing!

And in our little local news, my eye is getting better. :o)

Hey guys, couple of weeks ago I sent out the YBA "chat and win" surprise to each winner and It was really nice for me to see how much each member like what I sent.
I had a lot of fun shipping as well. I love ACEOs and I love to surprise people.

And the little fairies I'm working on? Well, little by little they are getting done. At this point they have their tull undergarments on.
Look at the picture, she knows she's pretty!

September 2, 2008

Two happy dolls and one sad eye

I have been playing with different shapes of faces for my dolls, and trying to make them look more the way I see them in my head. Hard to do, because usually the dolls look they way they want, not the way I tell them too Xo)
So anyway, as I was waiting for them to cool after the oven, I decided to do some gardening. I thought everything went normal, until my son came back from school and asked me: "Mom! What happened to your eye!?". Agh! I have a blotchy red spot in my left eye. Looks quite sad. I'm not quite sure if it was a dry branch, a bug or what.
So now I look funny.
I wonder if that's why the little fairies are laughing? Or maybe they are giggling at eachother because they are still bald.