June 28, 2012

Portrait title: One

I have been working slowly on this portrait. I think I finally have it close to what my eye can see. Can you recognize her? She has tons of videos on youtube and formed one of the most fun and populated mixed media groups.
Not telling any more... Will be postings images as I work on it.

She liked yellow

  Yesterday was the funeral of my mother in law. We still can't believe that she is gone. Such a strong woman... she had bad health for many years and somehow she always kept going, making the holidays special, having a smile on her face and loving every story about her grandchildren.

  We all had sunflowers pinned in our clothes, in her memory, as she loved the flower and had them in her house for decoration. One of her favorite paintings was the Van Gogh with the sunflowers.

  The day was sunny with a nice breeze, just the kind of weather that she loved; a big yellow butterfly visited to land on her bouquet, next to her photograph. She loved yellow. It was such a special moment, unfortunately no one had a camera ready. But it is an image that will stay with me.


Thanks for visiting and have a blessed day.

June 21, 2012

And the winner is!

Out of the 18 participants, the Random Number Generator's results is #3, which is...... Rinda!
Congrats to Rinda, and thank you ALL that participated. I will not change the price of the Basic Face Workshop for now, will leave the same price for now. I think it's worth a whole more, because I will be personally helping you to be able to make a face, and LOVE the process.


June 20, 2012

OMG! No new posts??

Good heavens, I have been doing so many things at once, that I was so sure I had posted here in the blog as well (Not just in FB)...
Well, I have this new video I made, of a painting of Lisa Patencio. She uploaded this cool picture and I just had to ask her if I could paint it!

I enjoyed very much going through the process. It is always exhilarating and scary to make the portrait of an actual person, as opposed as my imagination, because it HAS to look like the person, right? Sometimes I am luckier than others, in this case I am very happy with the result.

I am working on another June Guy, and also my next portrait, which i will be showing in the next few days. If you are new to portraits, and want to learn a few fun tricks, I'm having a workshop, and a giveaway HERE

Grab the blog button and share the word! It's a very easy way to make a face for your canvas, or art  journal... whatever you like. And I am working on having all the audio typed, for the hearing impaired! (explanations and info) So if you need that, or a friend that would love to paint/draw but can't hear, this is the chance!  ;o)

Well, see you soon!

June 15, 2012

Who is this June Guy?

Not a close likeliness, but still resembles a bit... can you guess? Maybe I made his too skinny.


There's still time to comment HERE to be part of the Giveaway for my Workshop! 
Ends on the 21st of June

Chat ? Rant?

I will start with the chat, maybe I should call it rant. Although it can be skipped and go to the images. Actually, never mind, skip this if you are not into rants because I do not want to mix my artwork images  with rants.  :oP

Here we go....
What to do with a negative comment?
I was told that blogs or networks are all fake because people just post the nice things. That I was just posting the unrealistic good and not the realistic errors or bad moments.

Not sure if I should be flattered that I was called good or insulted because I was called fake. (-_-)
Well, my take on that is, I rant too sometimes, but I try to keep it focused in art.
If people wanted to read about illness or politics or family issues, they would be looking in a site or blog for that particular subject, right? If I'm looking for art, I don't really want to be reading about politics, that's for sure. :>]

But at the same time, I keep it honest, if not totally open, because really, who cares if I have this problem or another? I don't like going to negative or whiny blogs, where they pretend to be about art but it's just complaints or fights. I rarely bump into those blogs, but when I do, I respectfully walk away. I leave groups with complicated feisty people. I don't need that in my life ♥
I am a positive simple person. I do have problems, who doesn't? Sometimes too many things fall on my head at the same time,it happens...  but I want my blog to be about art, as focused as possible and still show who I am.
I'm sure if I start talking about all my maladies, I would be discussing that alone with the crickets hehehehe However, I have many personal posts, whenever I feel like writing about personal stuff, or movies which is another thing I enjoy a lot.

Also, there's a bunch of times where I post mistakes, ugly weird results in my projects, a way to fix or rework a piece. I mess a lot, that's for sure, but what is wrong with trying to present the better part? I don't think that makes me a fake.
Anyway, for all that's worth, I do it with my best intentions :o)

No, I won't post ugly mean comments in my blog, I reserve the right to delete those as spam.
Hate drama.... Done ranting.

June 14, 2012

Oil Paintings up for grabs!

One of my goals mentioned some weeks ago, included listing my art. I absolutely love painting, but listing can be a pain in the neck sometimes  :oP
So by the time I turn around I have a lot of artwork and no room to keep painting!
Well, I am listing these in ebay. Auction price and even buy it now is a very reasonable price, meant to be sold, not representing the real value of it:


I painted all kinds of beautiful exotic leaves and plants, and the colors are very vivid . All sides are painting so it doesn't need a frame, unless wanted. And it comes ready to hang on the wall ♥

The other paintings will be listed shortly too:
Redhead, brunette and blond.

June 13, 2012

Not too happy with this one

...But he will stay as it is. :o)
I have to say wrinkles are very hard to draw! I picked a very wrinkled face to practice and well, this is the result:

In this image you can see the photo for inspiration, the second image is my attempt, and the last one is after some corrections. (Which is also the image above).

I know, is not a close replica, but although the photo is very interesting, I was tired and....
Did I mention my son brought 2 more kittens!! OMG! His friend found them from his backyard, and I helped for the night, but I just can't keep them. Panzon is very insulted and flabbergasted. The one on the left is a trouble maker! lol

Don't forget to post a comment HERE for my giveaway!

June 11, 2012

Another June Guy

Thanks everyone for the comments on the last post, yes it is Owen ♥
Don't forget to click in the link and post to enter my -->> Giveaway! The randomly selected winner will have a free membership for my Workshop (Basic Faces)

This time I picked a less known guy, even those that saw his recent movie might have trouble identifying him, so I will add the image as well.
It is Jean Dujardin, from "The Artist". I LOVED the movie! I recommend you go see it or rent it when available, you'll love it too.


Still needs to have the hair darken but everything else is done.

June 7, 2012

June Guy and Giveaway

I made this semi-caricature portrait for my June Guys challenge post, what do you think? I'm not telling you the name to see if you know him. It's a younger version of him. :o)

And I am currently having a GIVEAWAY for my new Workshop! 
Click HERE to read about it! (And grab the button on the left)

June 5, 2012

Basic Face Workshop

Your attention please...

Basic Face Online class
What is it?
Many hours of recorded video, presented as workshop, which means you come to see the videos at your own time and schedule, watch all of them the same day, or one at a time. Then work on each of the 8 projects divided in 6 parts, print the images and play. Photograph or scan your work to show me and I will help you in areas that need help.

This first beginners workshop is for:
  •  People that want to draw a face but have no experience at all.
  •  People that want to refresh their basic skills and would like to learn more. 
  •  Anyone afraid of trying or scared of a blank paper.
It is a fun series of videos and images with easy instructions, tools to play and personal, individual help from me. I love helping :o)

The best part is that with these building blocks, you will be doing your own style!

What you need:
A fast internet connection for the HD videos.
A google ID (just like what you use to comment in my blog)
Sufficient basic computer knowledge to join online services .
Watercolor/Bristol Paper, pencil, eraser. watercolor pencils or acrylic paints.

How long is it?
It depends on each person. You can do a weekend marathon, or take it easy and watch spaced for few days.You can  take a lesson a week and practice, but if more time is needed, I'm here to help.

Where is it?
We will have our own space and registered members will have access to the site after Paypal payment. You will get an invitation in your email.

How much is it?
Only $45.00 USD. Price might increase in the future.
Because of the nature of online classes and workshops, no refunds after the class has started.

Other classes I offer:
You can  click HERE to see more fun online classes

To purchase: Click on BuyNow button.
 Email me on the contact form (on side bar) to let me know you purchased the class!
Sometimes paypal takes a while to send me a note.
And check your junk/spam folder in case my email lands there!

Find Testimonials at the end of this page  HERE

June 3, 2012

A male face

What makes a male face, male? Most of us girls draw or paint ladies. We are more used to see that in the mirror and then when it comes time to draw or paint a male face... it comes kind of funny.
So, lets ponder for a while (Like if we don't spend enough time thinking of men, right?) :o)

From top to bottom, the male face is different in proportions, even the skinny or cute ones, have a wider forehead, nose and neck.
Their eyebrows are more prominent, their ears a bit larger, the jaw and chin definitely bigger.
Not to mention they have facial hair and the Adam's apple.
See some guys faces  HERE

Based on that, let's see what changes can be done to the faces, to make them manly.


This guy I made turned out way more manly that I thought hehehe

 The how-to video of this guy will be part of the workshop, to round it up more.
I keep adding things to it! I better stop that so I can actually start the registration :o7

Don't forget to add yourself to the Linky (top right on the tabs) if you are participating in the June challenge!
Thanks for visiting, see you soon♥

June 2, 2012

June is for men!

So, fathers day is coming... men all over the world will get cards, a hug, a tie (Oh no, that's for Christmas hahaha)

OK, well, June is the month for men. Why not honor them with art?

I challenge you, particularly the "yous' that don't get to make manly faces...
Lets make at least ONE guy a week.
No rules! Any media, any experience level, any substrate, number of pieces, any style...
Size doesn't matter either.  Really ;oD
 From ACEO size to the biggest paper canvas or wall you feel like painting!

So, get to paint, draw, doodle!
Make 4, 10, or 29.... practice, visit others bloggers, and make guys for the month of June!
Grab the blog button if you want it, add yourself to the Linky (just like the 29 faces label) and play along!

The Linky to other participants is here (I hope it works!)

Never enough hours in the day

OK, so I was not able to post before June the 1st was gone.  First day of being out of school and I was outnumbered lol
Baby kitty thinks I am a walking milk bottle so every time he sees me starts mewing like the maniac which is hilarious but time consuming as you can imagine....

Here's the Donna Summer tribute I made, with the help and art of a group of 29faces members, enjoy!

And also I forgot last time to post a face! This one is a self portrait:

The eyes are not quite right...
Last but not least, doing the final details for the workshop. I will have a paypal button here soon.
Talk to you soon!